Favourite Autumn Lipcolours

Yes we are the second official day of autumn, so it's totally acceptable to have an autumnal blog post already right?! Since I've been off for the whole of September and been able to, I feel like I've worn so many lipcolours (I'm not normally a massive lip product person, normally just lip balm). As I've been wearing and buying so many recently, I thought I would show you all because we all secretly love to hoard lip products, right?!

Mon Jules
I've had this L'Oreal lipstick since they had their deal a while ago where their lipsticks were only £3 each! Since I got this lipstick last year, I've had nothing but compliments every time I wear it. It's a beautiful deep fuchsia/berry creme finish lipstick. I find it wears off lovely and you end up with a beautiful tint/stain to your lips. For only £6.99 it's such a bargain for an amazing lipstick that you need in your makeup collection!

I've loved the Rimmel Apocolips lipsticks since they launched, you could even say they were what started my love with liquid lipsticks. These are great if you don't like the drying and matte effect most liquid lipsticks on the market have. It's a beautiful berry shade that lasts for hours and wears off to give a much subtler berry tint to your lips. I think it's perfect for anyone out there that wants to start branching out into deeper, darker lip colours.

Shabby Chic
Now I may have become recently addicted to these Sleek Matte Me liquid lipstick. These babies are bargains at only £4.99! Shabby Chic is a beautiful mauve when dried (it's worth noting these dry darker than the colour in the tube!) that lasts for hours through plenty of eating and drinking with minimal transfer. I find it a perfect daytime shade that you can pair with dark smokey eye makeup to transition it from day to night! However because it can last for hours these can feel a bit drying on the lips, but not the type of drying where it feels like it's sucking all the moisture out of your lips!

Velvet Slipper
Velvet Slipper was the first Sleek Matte Me liquid lipstick I actually purchased that got me addicted to them! This one dries to deep pink with berry undertones, which looks absolutely stunning with basic makeup (I've even worn it with just mascara) and it gives you the look like you've put loads of effort into your makeup with very minimal required.

Old Hollywood 
I have very few red lip shades, in fact I think the only other one that I have is a MAC special edition lipstick. This shade reminds me so much of a colour that an old Hollywood movie star would wear! It's a beautiful blood red colour, I've actually found with this colour if you put a minimal amount on the applicator and do an even base coat (similar to lip liner), it applies much nicer (and less patchier) than if you just apply it straight!

Vino Tinto
This one is the deepest colour in the range of the Matte Me liquid lipsticks and it the perfect deep wine red colour that is truly stunning one. This is not one that you are going to want to rush putting on because of how deep the colour is. I am loving this shade for autumn and winter as the deeper berry and wine shades start to creep out of my wardrobe.

What's your favourite autumn lip colour?

Speak to you next time!
Danielle Levy

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