Pink Parcel Unboxing

As I am sure many of you lovelies are aware, not too long ago I was gifted a Pink Parcel box at the Liverpool Period Project event. I was really intrigued when I saw this box in my goody bag and wanted to share it with you all as I thought it is an amazing idea or even a great gift!

The Pink Parcel is a monthly subscription that revolves around making your period 10 times better! You get to choose everything from the brand of the tampons or pads included to the date you want it to arrive. The best part is it's only £6.99 for your first box with shipping. I think this would be an amazing gift for you to give to someone especially to a girl just getting her periods for the first time or as a way of showing someone you love them on what could be a week or so of torture for them!

Each box is split into four sections, all with handy little labels for each section. In the 'For Now' section you get a little bag filled with tampons and pads for your purse or backpack as well as these Fab Little Bags which are tampon disposable bags that you can open and close with one hand.

In the box I received it came with two 'For Later' boxes which were filled with tampons, I presume depending of what product you choose these will be filled with your favourite tampons/pads. These are perfect little boxes, especially if you unexpectedly come on your period early, then you've got some pads or tampons for your first day or two while you do a stocking up trip!

I must admit the 'For Down There' box is oddly shaped for what comes inside, but I guess its shaped the way it is to fit in the box! Inside there was a purse friendly pack of limited edition FemFresh wipes, which if you haven't tried these they are a god send to woman!! 

The last box is my personal favourite, 'For You' is the biggest and best box of all. It contains loads of little treats for you from makeup/beauty items to sleep balm and foodie bits, all chosen to make that week of hell just a smidgen less awful. Cause after all we deserve to treat ourselves for a week of cramps, headaches and bleeding, don't we?!!

Speak to you next time!
Danielle Levy

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  1. The 'for you' section is defiantly my favourite part of the box, though i really like the addition of the wipes too, those come in SO handy! It's a box I would defiantly look into subscribing to!

    Sarah :)
    Saloca in Wonderland