#LPP Event

At the end of last month I got the chance to attend another blogger event, except this one had a couple of really exciting twists.....it was for homeless women in Liverpool & it was planned by two lovely bloggers, one of which is a really close friend!

The event was organised by the lovely Sam from Sabre Beauty and Alisha from Alisha Valerie. These girls have worked so hard over the past couple of months for such an amazing cause. Sam and Alisha set up the Liverpool Period Project event to help homeless women within Liverpool by raising money & donations for feminine sanitary products that could be donated to the Whitechapel centre. 

Whilst we might be able to bundle up with chocolate, painkillers and heating pads when it comes to our period, not everyone is quite so lucky. Unfortunately for some woman having your period is a nightmare, that requires you to double up your underwear because you can't afford sanitary products or some painkillers to get through the horrific cramps. Sadly even nowadays basic sanitary products aren't free to homeless women for a BASIC NEED all women have EVERY MONTH. 

The event was sponsored by the lovely people over at Professional Beauty (who are also hosting a event in September in Manchester that you can find here). They host events, conferences, awards and even have their own magazine!

Thankfully before the event, a bunch of us decided to meet up at Lime Street station and walk to the venue. Sam and Alisha had arranged for the event to be held in the Dough Bar Liverpool. With nineties video games, great food and amazing priced drinks, this place is not to be missed! After I very cleverly tried to open a door the wrong way, Sam kindly met us at the door and showed us around.

As we walked in, the three booths on the left (which looked so comfy) were broken up into the donation table, the table of raffle prizes and the yard sale table. I had absolutely no clue how many bits to bring with me to donate to the lovely women of Liverpool so as usual I over brought, but I was amazed to see all the things every brought and how generous everyone was with their donations! Sam and Alisha went above and beyond getting so many amazing brands involved in the raffle (which I can happily say we raised £160 between us all!). I love the yard sale idea at bloggers events as let's be honest, we get sent & buy so many products that we just don't get on with, so why not let someone else's trash become another bloggers treasure!

After we'd gave in our donations and ooo'd & ahhh'd over the raffle prizes, we all sat round two big tables complete with balloons, glitter & beauty samples (they were tables for bloggers after all!) and got the chance to catch up! 

After we'd had some time to chat and get drinks, Sam gave us a little welcome chat and introduced us to Becky from Teardrop Designs. Becky created Teardrop Designs back in 2013 after looking for a special unique gift with no avail, a large amount of her designs are the wish style bracelet. The idea behind the wish bracelets is pretty simple, you make a wish, tie your bracelet on and wear it until it breaks. She has everything from special bracelets for family to best bitches bracelets. Becky kindly made an #LPPevent bracelet with all the proceeds going to buying more feminine hygiene products.

The lovely Michelle from The Body Shop At Home also gave us a talk, which I had no idea you could have body shop parties and facials at home (which sound like such an amazing idea, get the girls round, open a bottle of wine & have a fab night!). She also played some amazing games with us, I loved playing the bin bag black dress competition & the unseen drawing challenge.

Let me just say the food at The Dough Bar is AMAZING!! They put on a little buffet of pizza, chips and salad for us all (they even had vegan pizza!). I am in love with their chips and if you are into really thin crust pizza this place is right up your alley! Again we got another chance to sit and chat, take pictures, get mocktails, buy raffle tickets.

We also got a talk from Alisha about blogging sponsorships and she told us a little bit about Professional Beauty who sponsor quite a few bloggers (I had no idea that they even offered sponsorships for bloggers). She also talked to us about MeruMaya and showed us their video talking about #beautyhasnoage. MeruMaya are passionate about promoting beauty at any age in women and encourages women to support and compliment each other. 

Before we all went our seperate ways we played a game of What's in my bag? with the winner getting a little prize. In typical me fashion, I normally carry EVERYTHING I could possibly need but I decided to clear out my bag (genuinely cause I carry so many things with me to blogger events) so I was missing about half of the things that I usually have that was on the list. Sam also organised a general knowledge style quiz which everyone loved and it's actually surprising how much general knowledge bits you know!

Sam and Alisha went above and beyond with the event & even surprised us with huge personalised goody bags before we left. I am going to do a whole other post on the amazing goodies we were given, but let me tell you they are amazing! I had such a fun day meeting up with old friends and making new friends.

I also vlogged the day (it was just that good!) so I will leave it all below for you lovelies!

Speak to you next time!
Danielle Levy


  1. Love your photos from this event! Looks like you had a fab time and I think blogger quizzes should be a regular thing!

    Laura x

    1. Thank you so much Laura, I'm really trying to up my blog photography! There definitely need to be more quizzes at blogger events xx

  2. Such a lovely idea! xo


    1. It was such a great idea for a blogger event and such an amazing day! xx

  3. These photos are lush! Looks like such a cool event!


    1. Aww thank you! It was such an amazing event for such a great cause! :) xx