#LPP Event Goody Bag

Last week I told all you lovelies reading that I got the chance to attend an amazing blogger event that was in support of the Whitechapel Centre and homeless women in Liverpool, just before I left the event Sam gave me a massive goody bag from all the amazing brands that got involved and seriously you guys this goody bag is so good it needed it's own blog post!! Be prepared and get yourself a cup of tea, this is going to be a long post!

Time for food! I'm not going to lie, I love when goody bags have food in them (especially if you travel a long way to the event, you get snacks for the journey home!). I did try to not eat these before I had taken pictures.....I kind of half managed it! Two great brands that I know and love got involved as well as a brand I hadn't heard of before. Propercorn kindly gave us two bags of popcorn each, I am already fully in love with this popcorn....it's so good guys! I got two of my favourite flavours, Sweet Coconut & Vanilla and Sweet & Salty.

Swizzels also got involved and gave us all some super yummy sweets (that I may have devoured, just maybe). The drumstick squashies and bon bons are so addictive, like seriously you can't eat just one! We also got some love hearts which I haven't had in years. The lovely people over at The Chocolate Cellar gave us some rose and kashmiri chilli dark chocolate which straight up reminds me of turkish delight!

Merumaya sent us some samples of their products with some information on #beautyhasnoage. The lovely Maleka sent us the Beauty Oil (this smells amazing), Mud Marvels mask and the Gentle Exfoliating Toner. I love getting skincare samples as it gives me a chance to try out some amazing new companies.

The lovelies over at Pink Parcel sent us their May box, the idea behind this box is amazing and I am going to be doing a full blog post just on this box. It basically is a monthly subscription box that can help make your periods a little bit better!

Dermva10 also gave us some goodies to try out, I've noticed from a couple of blogger events that they are very big on blogger promotion. They kindly gifted us a couple of products to try out. I got the make-off mitt and the multi radiance cream, both of which I have received from previous blogger events so I have a couple of these already. I also got the deep cleansing nose strips (I was about to go buy some of these so I'm so happy!) and a box of permanent hair dye (I won't be using the hair dye as well I don't trust myself to do a box dye and I get it professionally done).

One of my favourite bag brands Yoshi Bags got involved with the raffle on the day (which I managed to score a gorgeous bag!) and in the goody bags. They were really generous and gave us all a coin purse, mine has little sunglasses with red leather on the other side and a domino key chain which I am in love with both of them!

LYDC also got involved and gifted us all a beige coin purse that you can actually clip on to anything you wish which is super useful. I'm planning to use it as a business card holder as my current one can only hold 10 ish cards, plus I can clip it to the inside of my purse for easy access.

I love finding new places to eat in the city centre so I was really happy to see that Yo Sushi and Busaba had gotten involved with the goody bags. Yo sushi kindly gifted me a voucher for a £40 complimentary meal. Busaba also gifted us some vouchers, kindly giving us 50% off our food on our next visit. We also kindly got given a ticket for a free game of bowling at the Hollywood Bowl in Liverpool.

The lovely people over at Kiehl's also kindly sent us some samples, I was super excited to see that there was a sample of the Midnight Recovery Concentrate which I have been dying to try. I might have to go pick up the full size once I've tried out the sample!

I can't believe that Sam and Alisha got Yankee Candle involved in the goody bags! I got the lovely silver birch which I find is a much more masculine scent, but I cannot wait to start burning it. Imperial Candles also got involved and sent this delicious papaya wax melt, I really need to get my hands on a wax burner but it smells so good that I can't wait to burn it.

It's always exciting getting jewellery in goody bags, Sam and Alisha got some really good brands involved. The bow earrings are from This Material Culture, a great handmade jewellery brand in Liverpool that I've met a couple of times at different blogger events. I also got some lovely blue rose earrings from amazon, as well a lovely angel charm that you can hook onto your phone (if they still have those little corner bits) or add as a key or bag charm. I also got this little necklace with a fairy & moon charm, it's not really my style so I might gift it onto someone else who will give it a much better home than mine.

I love black head cleansing masks, so I can't wait to try out this one from Pil'aten. They even kindly sent a brush to apply it with as well. Avon kindly sent two lipstick samples to try, one in this beautiful plum colour and the other in coral colour. The last two beauty products were from Me Now True, I hadn't heard of this brand before the LPP event. I'm really intrigued by the eye/lip liner, but they are both really creamy so I can't wait to try them out!

Last but certainly not least, the AMAZING Spectrum brushes got involved with the goody bags. They included this gorgeous ombre eyeshadow blending brush which I am super exciting about, I've never tried anything from Spectrum but everyone raves about them on Twitter so I'm really exciting to try this out and get even more of their gorgeous brushes! And to make the goody bag even more exciting we all got some bubbles! I mean who doesn't love some bubbles?!!

Speak to you next time!
Danielle Levy

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