Countdown to becoming a staff nurse

Holy sh*t guys in 22 days I will be a qualified nurse! How has that come around so fast?!!

When I first started this blog, I didn't have a clue that I'd still be doing it nearly two years later and attending blogger events whilst getting ready for my staff nurse job. I've got 3 weeks left of my final placement now and  part of me feels ready to finish my degree and have the job security of being able to walk straight into my new job. However part of me is truly terrified of what's to come and getting rid of my safety net of being 'the student'.

Unfortunately with becoming a registered nurse comes a LOT of paying out money before I've even started which means I'm cutting down on my spending and not getting any new goodies so for the next couple of months I'm not entirely sure what my content will be like but I am determined to stay on it and figure out my content as I've made some amazing friends through my blog and been given so many amazing opportunities.

I'm super excited to become a graduate and start becoming a 'proper adult', yes I don't consider myself a proper adult yet even thought I may or may not be 23! I'm also really excited because I'm planning to get my dream car next month, partly because I need a car for work and also as a little present to myself for working so hard the past three years so I may be bringing all you lovely people along with me by vlogging it!  

Any tips for being a graduate/an actual adult will be greatly appreciated below!

Speak to you next time!
Danielle Levy

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