Lazy Day Essentials

Last month I got the rare chance to have a week off before I started my sign-off placement. Not going to lie to you guys I probably should have been prepping for my final placement & getting my blog posts and videos scheduled (I may have only been able to get a weeks worth scheduled because I enjoyed having some time to myself with no exams/essays/research to do). So I thought I would tell you all my lazy day essentials, sometimes I don't get the chance to have a full lazy day, sometimes just a lazy evening but these are my essentials when I have some time truly to myself.

Comfy Clothes
My number one essential for having some lazy me-time is comfy clothes/pjs. Depending on if I know that there's a possibility of having to leave the house/answer the door to anyone, I will wear comfortable clothes such as sweatpants and an oversized t-shirt. However if there's no chance of any of that I will just pop on some cute comfy pjs! Nothing better than being in cosy clothes while you snuggle up with blankets and movies.

Bubble Baths
No lazy day would be complete without a bubble bath, would it?! Not going to lie, there's nothing better than drawing up and soaking in a really hot bath filled high with Lush bubbles. I don't often get the time to soak in a bubble bath, it's generally only when I get a day off/lazy day that I actually get chance to so I really appreciate it when I get the chance to. Although I'm not going to lie, I'm not someone who can lie there in silence, so I normally have a film on netflix or continue binge watching a TV show!

I'm not gonna lie on lazy days, I even get slightly lazy right down to my skincare! Instead of doing my full skincare routine, I tend to just wash my face with my magnitone facial cleansing brush, a spritz of Lush Eau Roma water & a little bit of my MOA Aphrodite facial oil.

A big favourite for me on lazy days is to spend it binge watching some of my favourite films or tv shows and Netflix/dvds are a key part of it! There's nothing better than spending the day wrapped up in a duvet eating some yummy food with some great films and tv programmes on in the background. Some of my favourites at the moment have got to be Grey's Anatomy (thank you Jemma!), Between (thank you Danielle!), The Devil Wears Prada, Gilmore Girls and Scandal.

What are your lazy days essentials?

Speak to you next time!
Danielle Levy

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