Getting Fit with GymCube ~ First Impressions

As most of you are probably aware I'm on a journey to become healthier and make better choices food and fitness wise. A part of that is to exercise more and hopefully loose a little bit of weight and get trim in the process! If you didn't know I am a student nurse with roughly 5 weeks left before I qualify as a registered nurse (well I have passed all my exams, I just need to 'pass' this final placement and then I will be a registered nurse), as a student nurse I work (yes it's work, I have my own patients like any other nurse!) 37.5 hours a week which means I am up at 5am and not back home till about 19.30 in the evening which makes getting to the gym quite challenging at times! So when the lovely Rick from GymCube got in touch offering me a 6-month membership to their online gym system I jumped at the chance!

GymCube was created by Kevin Foster-Wiltshire for people with busy, hectic lifestyles that wanted to keep up their fitness journey with high quality exercise in between gym or PT sessions whilst fitting it into extremely busy schedules! Once you are signed up you can access the website and the workout videos from any device. I have used everything to view the workouts, my phone, ipad, laptop and TV! The website is split into 5 different sections, exercise, nutrition, coaching, team and blog. 

Within the exercise section you can find workouts until your hearts content! They literally have something for everyone, whether you are a beginner that loves pj pilates to athletes after a super calorie burner. There are workouts from a couple of minutes long to nearly an hour in a variety of different styles that can incorporate whatever body zone you want to work on. As part of your membership you also get access to the nutrition section of the website which I frankly think is amazing because not every gym membership will offer nutrition advice and guidance let alone, nutritional coaching, cooking videos, recipes as well as advice on supplements, nutrition and nutrition related articles which have been super helpful!

My one quip about my actual gym membership was that I was paying to use the gym and then if I ever wanted any extra coaching on top of it, it was about £120 for 10 sessions which is a lot of money to put down on top of my gym membership. Whereas with GymCube the coaching is part of your membership and can be accessed whenever you choose to and it's even broken down into different sections to allow you to be put in touch with the right experts without any running around. Even get an email response with your coaching within a day or two! 

After filling all my information in, I was given the lovely Kevin as a personal trainer and he got back to me really quickly with an amazing workout plan. As I wanted to loose a bit of weight and tone up, he organised a routine for me to do over 5 days each week that varied from 10/15- 45 minutes. Kevin also varied the type of workouts he gave me to do over the week which was really useful as I tend to get bored doing the same workout over and over again. Each week I currently have 2 cardio sessions, 2 strength/resistance sessions & 1 mind/body sessions. He also very kindly sent me a resistance band, gym towel and water bottle which was a really great gift for getting started with working out. 

Pros ~
  • You can do the workouts anywhere on any piece of technology as long as you have internet.
  • There is such a variety of workouts from yoga to cardio, core, combat, fat burning & toning, dancercise, low impact, pregnancy workouts.
  • PT sessions are tailored especially for you, your schedule and fitness level. You also get the opportunity to have a skype/facetime session with the trainers.
  • You can use it as much or as little as you want.
  • You can track your weight/measurements through the website as well as tracking your progress with pictures.
  • You can work out as early or late as you want!

Cons ~ 
  • I wish there was a gym cube app for phones/ipads and that would just be the icing on top of the brilliant cake.

Speak to you next time!
*I was given a 6-month membership to GymCube, however all thoughts and opinions are my own! 
Danielle Levy

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