NWmeet 2.0

Last week I got the chance to attend another one of Katy's AMAZING events, I attended her last event in September last year which you can read here. This event was great because it was in Ameriesko a local coffee shop in Liverpool city centre that I have recently fallen in love with.

Before the event I met up with my blogger bestie Danielle for a quick lunch before we met up with Bex and Sophie and walked up to Ameriesko's. When we arrived Katy had organised for us all 30 of us bloggers to have a private room downstairs, with drinks lining the wall and complete with a pool table. The room was perfect for a bunch of bloggers to sit and chat.

Once we'd all got the chance to chat and catch up, Katy introduced us to Sarra from Weleda who gave a talk to us all about their cult product Skin Food. I cannot wait to get my hands on it, it sounds amazing and smells really good!

After we all got the chance to try out Skin Food and were talked through all the amazing ingredients in it, we all got some of the amazing food and drink at Ameriesko's and everyone raved about the coffee and their milkshakes! Like her last event, Katy hosted a raffle for the charity Mind which she managed to arrange some great prizes for that everyone loved! We even managed raise £200, how amazing is that?!!

Unfortunately about half way through the event, I began to feel really unwell (little did I know I was about to get some weird mutant cold) so I began to just want to cuddle up with a cup of tea and binge watch Netflix! However before we left Katy had kindly arranged goody bags for us all!!

Here's everything I got in my goody bag, I'm planning to do some first impressions and reviews on here and my Instagram to let you know what I thought of them all!

It was lovely to catch up with everyone and meet some new faces!!

Speak to you soon!

Danielle Levy

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