Met Gala 2016 ~ Best and Worst

So like everyone else yesterday morning, I woke up and checked what everyone wore for the Met gala. I was really surprised with the dresses I loved and the people I expected to absolutely kill it and didn't quite! I will say my 'worst' outfits aren't necessarily horrible but it's people who I expected them to do more/better with their outfit. Here's my best and worst from the 2016 Met gala...


Claire Danes
This has got to be the most beautiful dress I saw from the Met gala, she absolutely killed it! Claire Danes was the most talked about celeb when I was looking at everyone's outfits and I can totally see why. Zac Posen totally out did himself, whilst turning the brief into an amazing creation. Even not lit up Claire looks stunning, totally princess worthy!

Nina Dobrev
Continuing with the princess theme, Nina Dobrev looked so elegant and stunning in this Marchesa gown. I didn't see a whole lot of stars wear gold dresses, a lot more people leaned towards silver. The intricate beading on her dress catches the light so well that she looks like she just stepped out of a fairy tale! When I think of the Met gala, I totally think of dresses like this....real Hollywood glamour!!

Kylie Jenner
I think this was Kylie's first time at the Met gala and for a first time, she killed it in her Balmain dress...even if it killed her legs! Up close her dress looks like strategically placed strips of gems but from afar it looks stunning.

Emma Roberts
I feel like so few celebs wore actual colour for the Met gala, I love this ombre Tory Burch dress Emma wore. I feel like it suits her to a t whilst incorporating the brief of the 2016 gala. I love that the bottom of the skirt doesn't go into just pure white, it has a purple tint to it which makes it much more dimensional.

Amber Heard
When I saw this picture of Amber Heard in this Ralph Lauren gown, all I could think of was old school Hollywood Glamour! This dress just looks stunning, the hair and makeup compliment it even further.

Hannah Davis
I love the style of this dress, because of the intricate beading that covers it! The detail in this Zuhair Murad is just to die for. I love that you don't notice how intricate the detailing is until you look up close. The addition of metal belt against the feminine design of the dress, really offsets it while fitting in with fashion and technology brief. 

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley
Can we all just take a minute to appreciate how stunning and elegant Rosie looks for two seconds?! The simplicity of her white custom made Ralph Lauren gown with silver accents, looks so elegant and classic! Paired with simple hair and makeup ensures that all attention is on her dress.


Solange Knowles
I'm gonna be honest, I hate this 'dress'. There's no other way for me to word it, I don't follow Solange's fashion too closely but I think she tends to wear quite outlandish outfits. I'm just not a massive fan of this outfit choice, I have heard murmurs that this outfit is a response to Beyonce's song lemonade but I'm not 100%. 

Selena Gomez
I expected so much more from Selena for the Met gala. When I look at her outfit I don't think the Met gala, I kind of like how she mixed leather and feminine but something just doesn't sit right. I can't put my finger on it! I feel like you could cut her out of this picture and put it outside a restaurant and it would sit better.  

Emma Stone
I don't know how I feel about Emma's new hair colour....I think her hair colour with her eye makeup looks really harsh. I also feel like if she took off that body amour that is on top of her dress, she would look absolutely stunning and so elegant. Whenever I look at pictures of her from the Met gala all I think of is Lord of the Rings, anyone else with me on that thought??

Rose Byrne
I expected more from Rose. When I first saw a picture of at the gala all I could think was that her dress and makeup seemed to age her, did anyone else think that?? I'm not going to lie I love the style of the top (I love that style but unfortunately can't because of my bust), but as a whole something about it just doesn't look right!

Jemima Kirke
I don't know if it's the colour or the detailing, it feels as if it's trying to be old school Hollywood glamour but something just isn't right about it. The makeup also doesn't compliment the dress, it also seems as if she's tried to use the makeup to bring the dress into the modern era and it's not quite worked.

Michelle Williams
Again this is another dress that when I look at it,  the outfit doesn't scream Met gala to me. Like if I didn't know this was a picture from it, I could have thought it was a picture from a movie premiere or even from a picture from going out to dinner. I much prefer Michelle with the light blonde short hairstyle she had, than this mid-blonde awkward cut. I feel like this hairstyle is awkward and ages her, especially when you look at other pictures of her.

Amber Valletta
I don't know how I feel about Amber's dress, I just know that I don't like it. I feel like there should be more to it, if that makes sense. I'm not a fan of the strange partially see-through section under her bust and the skirt simply just doesn't sit right to me!

I'm gonna be honest, I hate this dress. The material, style, and cut of the skirt is all just wrong. It's as if someone has tried to make the sporty style into a ballgown and it just looks bad!! For me it's all totally wrong for the Met gala.

What were your top picks from the Met gala?

Speak to you soon!

*None of the photos included in this post are mine, I am not fortunate enough to be able to attend the Met gala and take my own pictures.
Danielle Levy


  1. I 100% fell in love with Beyonce's Givency dress. Walking artwork ♡

  2. I lie; my absolute fave was Emma Watson's dress made of recycled bottles. Girl knows what's up.