Liv Bloggers Ball

A couple of Sundays ago I got the chance to attend another Liverpool Bloggers event organised by the fabulous Steph Bewley. After attending the first event which was a cocktail making masterclass that you can read about here where I had such a great time, I was so excited to attend another event! In the run up to the day, I had found out that some of my favourite bloggers that I love to chat to online were coming to this one and I was so excited to meet everyone and catch up!

Before the event I wasn't entirely sure what would be happening during the day, just that we were to arrive at the Roxy Ballroom and to try and get a masquerade mask. Unfortunately my mask didn't arrive until 4 days after the event, but luckily not many people actually wore their masks once we were all sat down and gabbing.

I've never been to the Roxy Ballroom before so I met up with Sophie, Sam, Alisha and Michela at central station and walked down as Sam was literally the only person who even remotely knew where it was! With it being a Sunday I ended up getting into town and meeting the girls super early so when we arrived at the venue, we were half wondering if we were in the right place and half wondering if we were going to be the first ones there. Thankfully as we came up the stairs we spotted Sarah, Olivia and Jemma having a photo shoot in front of the graffiti entrance!

We were welcomed into our little area with Blogger Bellinis which were absolutely delicious and very dangerous cause they did NOT taste the slightest bit alcoholic! Whilst we had some great talks from David (Independent Liverpool) and Gemma (The Button Boutique), it was great to go to a bloggers event where we could all sit round with some yummy food and drinks and just chat/catch up! 

During this event Steph had arranged for some smaller/more unique brands to come along and talk to us all which was great as it allowed for some more unique niches to be featured by a variety of bloggers who might not necessarily have otherwise been featured. I must say I loved the Rachie B bespoke wallpaper, whilst she has done a lot of work for children's nurseries and children's bedrooms, she has also done work for dementia wards as well and all of her designs were so amazing, such great quality and designs!

After we'd all had chance to chat with each other and the brands and we were all well plied with alcohol, it was time for the games! The Roxy Ballroom had kindly arranged for there to be a pool table and ping pong table in our little room, so Steph arranged for everyone to get involved in pool/ping pong tournaments. I think we all underestimated the amount of time a game of pool took though! The ping pong tournaments were so fun, we did so much running around and laughing!

I had such a great time at the event as I was able to get to know some amazing bloggers more as the event revolved around networking, chatting and getting to know each other rather than the way traditional blogger events happen. As usual I loved every minute of the Liv Bloggers event, Steph always does such an amazing job and works so hard on them!

Speak to you next time!
Danielle Levy

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