Life With A Latex Allergy

Now I never normally tell many people and unless you have seen me medically, you probably don't know that a few years ago I actually found out that I have a latex allergy which yes is as painful and annoying as you could ever think it would be!! I thought I would share with you all what its like having a latex allergy and how a certain product I found has really helped me out personally.

A latex allergy is an allergic reaction which is a result of the protein content of natural rubber, also known as rubber latex. When someone with a latex allergy has an allergic reaction, it is very similar to the reaction of a nut allergy or the reaction that takes place in an asthma attack. Unfortunately you can develop a reaction immediately or the reaction can be slightly delayed, the symptoms of reaction can vary per person but can be anything from severe itching and a hive like rash to full anaphylactic shock. If you didn't know latex is the substance that makes an item so elastic, meaning the stretchier something is the higher the risk I have a bigger reaction to it (think balloons and gloves that nurses wear), whereas I'm less likely to have a reaction to something more solid (like a car tyre).

Unfortunately as well as latex allergy, I also have a sensitivity to vinyl so if I am touched with a product that has vinyl in them (think the kind of see-through gloves healthcare workers use...that's vinyl) which means I literally have to read packages and ingredients to check that something doesn't have latex or vinyl in. As you can imagine this takes up so much time! 

I was over the moon when the lovely people at Marigold got in touch asking me to try out their extra safe gloves. I love that these gloves can be used in the kitchen for food preparation as well as being used to protect your hands whilst you are cleaning. I do about 50% of the cooking in my household and I really love cooking from scratch (I feel like meals taste way better when you cook from scratch) because of that I'm often left with hands smelling of garlic and onion that I then have to scrub to get out, with these on I don't have that problem in the slightest!! I also use it in the kitchen when handling raw meat cause I truly hate the feeling of touching raw chicken!

Another use I have found for these gloves is when I'm doing household chores particularly doing my cat's litter tray or for when I am cleaning using strong cleaners. These are also perfect if you have sensitive hands and find they become irritated when using any household cleaning products. 

Being able to have a set of gloves I can use with no worries of an allergic reaction is like heaven! I literally carry around a little sandwich bag full of these because you would not believe the amount of places that use gloves that aren't friendly for people who are allergic to latex and vinyl (most food places and hairdressers, if you didn't know). My only quip was that I wish I had a smaller size as I have fairly small hands so I could have done with the small to medium size but they are workable, plus having a larger size means anyone in my house can wear them and I can bring them with me whenever I need them for what ever reason! 

Are you guys allergic to anything?

Speak to you soon!

*These gloves were sent to me to test out and give my honest review for how they worked with my latex allergy. All opinions in this post are my own and honest opinions.
Danielle Levy

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  1. I'm allergic to latex as well. I actually work as a Healthcare worker and it was when I started this job, that I started having reactions on my hands because of their cheap gloves. I have to wear blue gloves with extra powder in, which are a bit more expensive - but really it's what we should be wearing in the first place x //