Making Desserts Healthy with Weight Watchers!

If you saw my post on my new years resolutions, you will know one of them was to start being healthier which includes healthy desserts/sweets for when I get a sweet craving. So when I found out Weight Watchers* had frozen desserts that were under 100 calories a pot, I had to try some out!!

If you have been living under a rock and never heard of Weight Watchers (where have you been?!), let me educate you! Weight Watchers began in the early 1960's in New York created by Jean Nidetch who gathered a bunch of her friends around for coffee in the hope that by all of them following the same diet and comparing notes, she would loose weight. Little did she know she stumbled onto a recipe for success - literally!! Now there are over 6,000 Weight Watchers meetings within the UK and a ton of their products being sold in big name supermarkets throughout the UK.

As you may know I can get massive sweet tooth cravings and periods of time where I really just want something sweet/chocolately for pudding, so I decided to try out some of their frozen desserts range. I picked up their Strawberry & Vanilla Swirls and the Chocolate Honeycomb & Toffee Fudge Mini Pots, let me tell you I am in love with these mini desserts! 

I love the size of these mini pots as for me they are the perfect size, I tend to use little teaspoons for desserts (it makes them last longer) so by the time I've gotten through one of the desserts, my sweet craving has disappeared and I'm nice and full! I don't know how they manage to fit so many yummy ingredients into 72-86 calories, but boy do they taste nice. I don't try many diet desserts as I'm always worried that they won't taste quite the same as the real thing, however these taste like actual ice creams & ice cream sundaes! 

My favourite way to eat these (I was a naughty blogger and had half eaten it before I thought about taking a picture) is to actually decant them into a bowl and chop up a bunch of berries or fruit, mix them in and then eat them that way. It also makes it feel like it is somewhat healthier by adding a bunch of fresh fruit and colour to my meal (part of my healthy eating resolution was to make all of my dishes more colourful).

So what is your favourite healthy cheat?

Speak to you soon!

*I was sent vouchers to try these desserts out and review them, all opinions are 100% my own and honest!

Danielle Levy

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