My Primark Goodies

I may or may not have been shopping last week with my mother and made a couple of sneaky purchases whilst I was out, so I thought I would do a quick little Primark haul. One of my secret guilty pleasures is that I love watching Primark hauls on YouTube to see all of the lovely goodies that are coming out.....anyone else with me?!! 

For the past 3 months I have been lusting after ripped/distressed skinny jeans, so I thought I would try and find a cute pair whilst I was in Primark and luckily I managed to find these babies for £15 . These actually come with a panel behind the rips so they help to keep your legs warm and you also don't have to worry about shaving/false tanning that area (I have VERY pale legs). I also ventured into the world of Primark's over sized boyfriend style t-shirts which I have fallen in love with. I picked up this v-necked striped version with rolled sleeves and I already want so many others. This baby was only £5, such a bargain and it is SUPER soft!!

I love going into Primark for clothes that I can wear when I'm just relaxing or doing chores around the house. So I picked up a pair of their jogging bottoms, which I think are actually from their workout range but they are really soft and were only £6. I then picked up two of their slogan tops that are film themed. Now I am not in love with the pattern on the Lion King hakuna matata one but it's the Lion king and I couldn't leave the shop without it! Lately I've developed quite a love for anything copper/rose gold coloured, so when I saw this Harry Potter t-shirt I fell in love! I love the mix in colour between the copper, black and grey marl, they all compliment each other so well!

Now it wouldn't be a Primark haul without Primark pj's would it?!! I had originally picked up a different pair of pjs, but then my mum kindly pointed out a whole stand of Disney themed pj's. I fell in love with this pair as I feel it's kind of like grown up Disney! There's also a glittery gold castle underneath the word castle.

I am a massive sucker for Primark's home ware and candle range, it's very rare for me to go shopping in Primark and not to come out without something for my room or some form of candle! I love that Primark offer so many different types of battery operated indoor LED lights and I finally picked up my first set which I may possibly be using in the background of my videos. As I was pushed towards the till by my lovely mother, I spotted this beautiful french vanilla candle in a gorgeous rose gold jar. I have taken off all of the stickers and I can't wait to burn it cause it smells gorgeous and also so that I can re-purpose it!

What are your bargain finds lately?

Speak to you soon!

Danielle Levy

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