My Boohoo Wishlist

I'm not going to lie sometimes I am a really bad blogger and instead of being really put together and thinking about what I put on, I literally just throw whatever clothes may be the comfiest/warmest! However lately that's all begun to change, I don't know if it's because spring and summer are coming or if something in my brain has changed but I've become much more interested in what I wear and how I put my outfits together.

That being said with me being a student with a broken car, buying new stuff constantly is a no go! However I've loved online mooching (it's my online version of going for a mooch round the shops) and making mini wishlists of things I'd love to I thought I would show you all my current loves from my online mooch!!

These are my current loves!! 

Is there anything you're lusting after this month?

Speak to you soon!

*None of the pictures included in this post are my own, the images included are from the boohoo website.*
Danielle Levy


  1. Love those boots!! Lovely wishlist.

    Laila xo

    1. They are just gorgeous aren't they?!! They also did them in a black!

      Danielle xx