So that time of year has come.....

My degree is quickly coming to a close.....

And I've got to start attending interviews.....

I thought I could do a little post telling you all some tips and tricks I have picked up along the way on how to deal with interviews and the stress that can come along with them.

Be comfortable
Yes you have to look smart and portray your best self, but you have to be comfortable. Find your happy medium in between! There is nothing more off putting for an interviewer to see you squirming around in your seat and fiddling with your outfit because it's just too uncomfortable. Don't dress casually as again that gives off the wrong impression, if your potential employer wanted to see how you looked in the latest fashion trends they'd have casual Fridays! This is a given but try to avoid wearing really bright colours especially at mass recruitment interviews, you have to remember your interviewer could be seeing 30 + people that day (which is a physically and mentally draining thing to do, as nice as everyone is!) so if you walk in with a bright red dress or a bright coloured blazer/top it can make you stand out for the wrong reasons!

Don't worry about your nerves! Every single interview I've had, the people interviewing me has stated not to worry and they know exactly how nervous you feel. Just remember that every single person that interviews you will at some point have had to complete several interviews to get to where they got to! If you know you tend to get really nervous at these type of things, it's really worth doing some research into deep-breathing exercises that can you can practice beforehand. You can then use these pre-interview to help settle your nerves!

Do your research
Pretty much in every interview they will ask you why you want to work for their company, so do your research. Even if it is a little bit of reading up on the company on your way there about how they started and their ethos, you have something you can pull on if your mind goes completely blank. For instance they might donate to charity or have a successful clothing range that was designed by an independent designer whose designs you love. If you remember one thing about the company that you loved, you'll always have something to talk about.

Have some water with you
This one can really help with nerves, take a bottle of water in with you or ask for a glass of water if there is some in the room. I found this super helpful as it gave me something to hold which helped steady my nerves and any shaking hands. It's also really helpful if you tend to waffle as it can encourage you to take a breath and have a sip. 

Take a breath
I'd really encourage for you to combine this tip and the one above. After you're asked a question take a breath which will give your brain time for the nerves to wear off and your brain to kick back in with the answer. I find if you take a breath to settle yourself you don't tend to waffle on and can actually understand the question, understand what they are looking for you to say and find the best way to answer it! 

What are your tips and tricks for interviews?

Good luck and speak to you soon!

Danielle Levy

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