Asthma & Milk?!!

For anyone that doesn't know me personally or hasn't read the facts in my about me section, I have had asthma for as long as I remember. I was diagnosed with asthma way back in primary school, after I had ran to pick something I'd dropped and had to run to back to catch up with my mum. In the 10+ years since I suffered from asthma I've had good days and bad bays, so when Nell's Dairy got in touch asking me to take part in a case study they are running to see whether incorporating whole organic Guernsey milk into my daily diet can help improve asthma symptoms, I jumped at the chance! 

Nell's Dairy produce organic Guernsey A2 milk in Gloucestershire that they ship all over the UK. They have a small herd of Guernsey cows which produce the delicious milk, which feed on organic clover leys during the summer and hay and silage in the winter which helps give the milk a more golden colour. The other week Lisa got in touch asking if I would like to try their milk and take part in a case study style test to see if it helped improve my asthma. Lisa told me that some of their regular customers had noticed significant improvement in their asthma when they included it in their everyday diet.

I was really excited to see if this milk would actually improve my asthma. Lisa kindly sent me a week's supply of milk which can really well packaged. When it arrived, the four litres of milk came with a ice pack all packaged in a postal bag to protect everything in case any leakage occurred and I'm happy to say it arrived perfect. It then came in a padded box to keep it extra secure and came via a delivery service so there is no chance of it being left out and possibly going bad, if your order can't be delivered the order is taken back to reduce the risk of anything spooling. 

The milk that was sent to me lasted about 6 days. During these 6 days I used the Nell's Dairy in any hot drinks I consumed, I also used it in any foods that I would originally use milk such as porridge, mash, scrambled egg, etc. I also drank a glass of milk in the morning and evening as I was only doing it for a short amount of time, I wanted to try and give it the best chance 
to improve my asthma. 

During the first couple of days of the trial, I noticed that my chest wasn't as tight as it usually is and that vigorous cardio (basically anything over a casual walk) was so much easier! Over the course of the week my asthma seemed to improve significantly. I wasn't needing to stop as often when I worked out, my breathlessness had decreased. It was also much easier to run up stairs as my chest didn't feel so tight and 'bunged up', bunged up is literally the only way I can describe it. It's like you can't quite get a deep breath in! 

I saw such a great improvement to my asthma with just this milk being the only addition into my lifestyle this week. I would definitely recommend anyone who struggles with their asthma and can drink milk to try it out and see if it makes any difference! 

Speak to you soon!

Danielle Levy

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