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Last week the lovely people at Ameriesko's invited me to come and check out their recently launched cafe on Bold Street in Liverpool that has taken over the spot the Central Perk, Friends themed cafe once stood. If you love independent coffee shops with American tv shows and decor, you need to get your butt down there!!

If you haven't gone for coffee in Liverpool over the past year or so, you won't have noticed the two Central Perk 'Friends themed' coffee shops. I visited the one near moorfields train station nearly a year ago with my mum on mother daughter coffee and cake date. However a couple of months ago (I think it was before Christmas) Central Perk unfortunately closed! I really loved that idea of the shop as it's totally unique in Liverpool, surprisingly I don't know that many coffee shops in the city centre that aren't Starbucks, Costa Coffee or Cafe Nero! 

So when Helen got in touch asking me to come down to Ameriesko's on Bold street last week and try out their new menu, I was over the moon! I also used this opportunity to have a coffee and catch up date with my gorgeous blogger friend Danielle from Mylilyotv

I'm not going to lie when I headed up Bold street I wasn't 100% sure where I was going as I had never been to the Central Perk there before. Luckily Danielle had cleverly googled it while she was on the train into town. When we arrived the shop front looked lovely, I presume the green glass that the store by Moorfields had was what use to be there and I must say with the clear glass front makes the shop look so much brighter and fresher.

When you first walk in you can either go straight down to their basement where there is small tables and super comfy armchairs and they have open mic nights, speed dating events as well as private events or you can go left into the upstairs coffee shop where there are more tables as well two gorgeous sofas with coffee tables. The decor is American chic, some of the walls are bare brick walls, whilst some of it is decorated with an amazing New York themed wall paper. 

I love that in modern Liverpool there is a place that you can go to for a 90's throwback with amazing food! The main wall as you walk in has two big screens that play muted TV shows, I didn't recognise the show that was playing but I do remember it had Kirstie Alley in it. The wall is also filled with an array of signed merchandise from films, tv shows and celebrities. Everyone from Carrie Bradshaw to Hulk Hogan is on that wall!

We sat down at a cute little table and were spoilt for choice over all the delicious food and drink choices. My one pet hate is going into cafes/coffee shops/restaurants and the second you sit down a waiter/ess jumps down your throat for your order. Whereas in Ameriesko's you can take you time to take in the decor, chat, peruse the menu and then order when you are ready! Before we came I had been looking on their social media at the pictures of their yummy food and was so sure I was going to get pancakes or waffles, however..........

If you know me you know I am a massive coffee lover and drinker so I was excited to try the Joe Black's coffee they use, which if you don't know Joe Blacks it's a Liverpool coffee brand which made me even more excited to try it! However Danielle and SJ (one of the nicest people you will ever meet!!) managed to convince me to try the Thick Shakes, these delicious things are milkshakes with ice cream and a variety of flavours blended in. So I decided to go for the Kinder Bueno milkshake which is white chocolate and hazelnut.......and I am in love! Seriously everyone needs to get their butts down there and try them, these are seriously amazing. They are so good I got another to take away with me as Danielle and I went for a mooch around the shops afterwards!

As it was nearly dinner time myself and Danielle decided to look towards the actual meal items instead of desserts, although this has now become our coffee and blogging spot so we are going to go more regularly and work on posts or edit videos, whilst surrounded by delicious food and coffee so I am definitely ordering the pancakes next time! We both ended up picking the same thing (mainly because it sounded so good!). We both went for the cheesy dog and cheesy fries, both come with two types of melted cheese on top. I am not kidding when I say their food is filling, I gave it my best shot and got about 70% of it eaten but even Danielle got full and she has a second stomach (I genuinely admire that she can eat a decent sized full meal before she gets full!), so you definitely get your money worth when you order anything from Ameriesko's!!

This has genuinely become the best coffee shop I have ever been to and is now my favourite and only coffee shop I want to go to! The staff are all so lovely and friendly, we got given a tour of the basement area (where they were setting up for a speed dating night) and they were even super helpful as Danielle had a food allergy and they went out of their way to accommodate it! I love the atmosphere of this coffee shop as well as the attitude of the staff makes Ameriesko an amazing place to go for coffee, breakfast, lunch or any meal of the day!! I cannot wait to go back, I just wish they had one over in the Wirral so I could visit it way more often! I will leave their all of their links below so you can go and drool over their amazing food (just do it away from phones and computers!).

Speak to you soon!

*I was invited to Ameriesko by the lovely Helen to try out their food and gives my honest opinion to all my readers.
Danielle Levy

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