Time Management Tips

A couple of weeks ago I posted a 50 facts about me video on my Youtube channel (which you can find here), in it I mentioned that my motivation can be on fire one day and can have vacated the premise the next day so I thought I would tell you all my tips and tricks for time management and how I get the most out of my days (even when I want to be a sloth and lay in bed with netflix ALL day!!). This could also be useful for healthcare professionals as some of these tips can carry over professionally!

To do lists & Identify big tasks
This is a big one for me professionally and in my personal life, if I don't make some form of to-do list I will literally just waste my day! You can do these on paper, in your planner or in an app (I use wunderlist as it lets you have as many lists as you want!). These help to keep you on track and stop you going off task, if you are anything like me at home I can get distracted by so many little things. Another point to add to this tip....on your to-do list identify what your really big tasks you need to accomplish that day are, these are your most important tasks and once you've got them done even if you do nothing else, you still will have accomplished your most important tasks so your day has been a success!!

Get an early night & Don't lie in!
This might sound like a obvious but it's a really big one for me. If I don't get a good nights sleep and get up early, I end up sleeping in and 'wasting' my morning as I feel really unproductive which seems to have a knock on effect for the rest of the day! However if I get up at about 7/8am, I'm able to get loads of jobs on my to-do list done and I always have a better day, I also don't feel so guilty about getting distracted later in the day! 

Focus on your task at hand & have a time limit
This is the tip that I struggle with the most, but try your hardest to focus on what you are doing without any distractions. This is a massive flaw for me as I will often try and multi-task and catch up on any programs I'm behind on whilst doing something. I think part of it is due to the silence, I like to have some background noise so I will often have either Netflix, YouTube or a random TV show in the background! When I put my mind to it I can get things done really quickly, but I just have to be really motivated. Another thing I do to help is set myself a time limit for any task, so I will give myself an hour to tidy my room or an hour to edit a video or write a blog post.

Get your workout done first
If you choose to workout regularly, get it done as one of your first tasks of the day! If you don't workout on the regular, have breakfast and then go out for a nice walk or take your dog out and just get some fresh air, it really sets you up for the day. I also find that if I don't workout first thing in the morning, I can use any excuse throughout the day to avoid working out....bad I know!!

Use your weekends
I always use to love having my weekends off and just relaxing with my family and watching TV, however that meant that all of my chores and errands were never getting completed. Now that I am on shift my 'weekends' can be at any time during the week which means I've had to grow up and just deal with it. So I've stopped thinking of weekends as weekends, I think of them as days off. It's super useful for either getting the really big things done that you can't get done in the week or getting the little things done so you can concentrate on the bigger things during the week.

Have you got any tips or tricks for time management?

Danielle Levy


  1. Love this post! I'm so terrible with time management, I could really do with putting some of these into play. Particularly not wasting my weekends!

    1. I'm awful with time management some days, especially if life has been really hectic! It definitely takes some time to perfect it or try taking one thing at a time and working on it.

      Danielle :) xxx