Oka-B Shoes & Glow Hush Candles.....Oh My!

I got the chance last week to meet the lovely Fiona behind Oka-B shoes in Unit 51 Coffee Bar which is located in the Baltic Creative for a little event she was having to introduce everyone to reflexology and the god send which is Oka-B shoes. If you've been living under a rock and have never heard of Oka-B shoes, let me educate you on the best thing you will put on your puppies and believe me they will be singing your praises after just spending one day in them!

Oka-B began in spas in America (and you can still find them in spas to this day) with their flip flops and sliders with the reflexology soles. All of their shoes have one main principle behind them.....to look great with every outfit and feel great with every step. They do everything from flip flops to ballet flats and wedges, all made from up to 25% recycled materials. All of their shoes have a one-piece construction making them extremely hard for them to break whilst giving you maximum comfort. And if you do happen to accidentally break them or they get completely trashed, you get a 2 year guarantee for a new pair, also once you're completely finished with them you can either put them in your recycle bin or send them back to the company (if you live in America).

All their shoes are made from non-absorbent material which makes them odour resistant and resistant to bacteria growth, this also means if there aren't any attachments on them you can actually put them in your dishwasher and are super easy to clean even with attachments. All of their shoes are also incredibly comfy, I tried on their ballet flats and wedges and they fit perfectly. Because of the material they are made of, the sides of the shoes fit perfectly to every aspect of your feet which means your chances of getting any blisters are so tiny and you can wear them all day with no problems. 

Fiona organised an amazing event where you could get a reflexology massage or neck and shoulder massage and customise a pair of the Oka-B spa sliders for £15!!! Which is such a great deal. Now I am not a massive massage person and it is not because I don't like/want them, it is all down to scheduling/money issues. However I am going to have to start having them WAY more often!! I got the chance to try out reflexology treatment by the lovely Nina. If you have never heard about reflexology, it is a holistic treatment that is carried out on your feet (it can also be done on your hands). The idea behind the treatment is that your nerves for your whole body ends in your feet, so it uses a pressure massage (someone people can pay more attention to problem areas that correspond with areas in your body where you have problems) which can induce relaxation and help the body to regain inner balance. I'll leave a map below of the feet and the areas of the feet that represents the different areas of the body. 

Nina did a 10 minute taster session or 'mini detox' on me and as she got half way through and had finished with one foot I could tell the difference between the two. I am not joking when I say one leg felt so much lighter than the other. After the massage I felt so relaxed and peaceful, I also really wanted to go and have a nice long nap! Nina even said to me that its actually really common and when she does her treatments she lies everyone down and wraps them in blankets and every single person just drifts off for a lovely hour massage.

After I was completely relaxed from Nina's massage, Fiona let me customise a pair on the Oka-B spa sliders that had reflexology beads on the soles. She had such a range of sliders in a variety of different colours....there was a colour for everyone!! I decided to get a pair of the mink-ish coloured ones and customise them with black floral fabric bows, which I think looks super cute! Let me tell you these beauties are so comfortable, if you are used to shoes that have a completely flat sole, it does take a tiny bit of getting used to but I had them on for minutes and they were incredibly comfy.

As soon as you walked into the room the event was being held in, all you could smell was the amazing fragrances from Glow Hush. Let me introduce you to Layla from Glow Hush....she makes gorgeous candles scented with famous fragrances and they smell AMAZING!! While I was there she told me that her candles are all made of soy wax instead of paraffin and are scented to 10% which is even higher than Yankee candles so you get an amazing scent pay-off and it's scented all the way through. She actually told me that some companies will only scent certain parts of the candle so whilst you smell it in the shop and are first burning it it smells really good, but after a while when you've 'gotten used to the smell', it's actually that the part of the candle that is burning is actually the unscented part! 

Whilst I was there Layla kinda gave me the option to try one of her candles or some of her wax melts (which are in a variety of amazing colours and shapes). I was torn between the Midnight Orchid and Missy Go Coco candles which both smelt amazing in their own rights. I ended up going for the Missy Go Coco which I think Layla said is based on the Chanel Coco Mademoiselle perfume and I am addicted already! 

I also noticed on social media that she's released a subscription service called HushBox which is a £20 a month subscription service that you can opt in and out off where you get one of the cutest wax melters, a chocolate box of wax melts (you actually get 16 melts), one of their seasonal/best selling candles and other exclusive treats. They also have a great loyalty programme where after a year you get gifted another wax melter and 3 times a year you also get an extra little gift included in your box. A number of lucky subscribers also get a golden ticket which gives them shop credit for their next purchase, how brilliant is that?!! Best part is you can buy 3, 6, or 12 month pre-paid subscriptions so if you couldn't afford this on a monthly basis, you can ask for it as a gift and its the gift that keeps on giving!

See you next time lovelies!!

Danielle Levy

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