Life Rambles ~ Band 5 Job Hunting, Quality Improvement Projects & Results Day

I can't believe it's gotten to that time of year already, is anyone else with me thinking that this year is going by super fast?!! I'm terrified to think that in 7 months I'll be finished with my degree and hopefully starting my band 5 post.

With all of that comes the job hunting and interviews......I'm currently in the process of trying to write my application for NHS jobs, which if you don't know is kind of like re-doing your application for university all over again but more so! Thankfully my lecturers in university are really really helpful with the area where we write our supporting evidence in our applications. It's strange, terrifying and exciting to think I'll be applying for first job as a registered nurse, however as strange as it is to say this....I think I might be ready! My latest placement has been in critical care which has meant the nurse:patient ratio is 1:2, so practically every shift I have taken my own patient and done pretty much everything myself with my mentor just overshadowing and making sure everything is done correctly and as it should. Having my own patients has definitely made me feel more confident for my final placement.

If you guys are following me on any of the social media, you will know I recently went back into placement...well for the next 7 months I will be pretty much out on placement constantly! Because of this I have several assignments and OSCE's (practical exams) to complete whilst I'm out there and let me tell you placements go by super fast when you have several things to complete besides actually being on placement. At the moment I've got to complete a quality improvement project, luckily we've been told these can be on pretty much anything so we can take on a project as big or small as we like. I've decided that I'd like to do a list of some of the common drugs that students may encounter during a placement in critical care which can be put into the student welcome pack. I'm looking to include the drugs and what they're used for, some of the side effects, contra-indications, and possible interactions with other drugs. I am trying to stay away from putting in set doses as these can vary depending on clinical condition and other factors.

I am posting this two days after my first set of 3rd year exam/assignment marks have been released and I am so happy to say so far I've gotten all 1sts. I'm just waiting for my clinical skills exam results to come back as our online system for results had been down so we've not been able to get those ones, I'm keeping everything crossed that I've done honestly I'm aiming for a 1st bit I'm awful in exams (essays and OCSE's are much more my thing). 

P.S. I found out the results for my exam and I got a high 2:1, I just missed out on a first by a couple of marks! So I'm happy as it was a pretty hard exam that I actually managed to do so well and only missed it by a few marks.

Speak to you soon!!

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