My HD Brows Experience

If you have ever met me or seen me without my make-up on, you will know that I am not well known for my brows...especially with no make-up on, I look like a child!! A couple of weeks ago I got an amazing opportunity thanks to Phoebe at Chic PR and Kate at The Brow Club to try out the HD brows experience.

If you've never heard of HD brows before, it is a tailored experience that helps transform your brows....yes even ones that are over-plucked, sparse and unruly! It transforms your brows to have perfect arches by using a specially designed 7 step formula to give you perfectly defined brows. There are over 4,000 stylists across the UK, so there is no reason for everyone not to have beautifully defined brows that we all desire and deserve!

My treatment in total lasted about 45 minutes (I think, I should have timed it!) and I am amazed with the results. Before I went into my appointment I was quite skeptical, as you'll see in my before picture I wasn't blessed with beautiful brows. Along with not inheriting a full row of front teeth, I unfortunately inherited brows that are shorter, lighter and sparsely grow in the tail part. I have only once before had anything done to my brows, mainly cause I always think I am going to end up looking like I've got pencil line eyebrows. Each treatment has 7 steps to perfect brows.... 

7 Steps to HD brows

Preparation/Assessment ~ I filled out a form for new clients including personal details as well as details of any allergies or medical conditions to ensure that I didn't have a reaction to anything. Kate also used this time to start mixing the eyebrow tint that she thought would match my natural colour best without going too dark, she asked me questions about what I wanted my brows to look like. She also assessed my face shape and what brow shape would compliment it best.

Tinting ~ Kate started off by tinting my eyebrows, now this was the scary part. If you've seen any pictures of this part of the process you would understand why (I forgot to take one cause Kate and I were having such a great chat!). The tint is applied in the rough shape of your eyebrow, this allows for any little baby light hairs to be tinted before they are shaped.

Waxing ~ After the tint has matured and the eyebrows are the right colour, they were waxed into the right shape. I am a wimp when it comes to waxing and I always think it's going to hurt way more than it does. I'm not sure if Kate used a different method to the last time I got my eyebrows waxed, but it wasn't half as bad and my eye only watered once. That's a pretty big achievement.

Trimming ~ If you have slightly thicker brows, at this point your brows are trimmed. I don't have lovely thick brows so Kate just trimmed the top slightly to make them into a straighter line at the top.

Threading ~ This was the most interesting part. After your brows have been tinted, waxed and trimmed, the threading is done to help blend your brows. This step stops the harsh lines between your brows and any peace fuzz/baby hair.

Tweezing ~ Any rogue hairs that managed to survive the waxing and threading process are gotten rid of at this point. This perfects the shape, giving them that natural beautiful shape before makeup is applied.

Completion ~ To finish it off Kate filled them in and gave me a mini brow masterclass. She also gave me a great tip about filling them in with pencil, she said the key was to fill them in with a really sharp brow pencil as it mimics the effect of real brow hairs.

So here's my before and after pictures.....  

I am so impressed with HD brows, I am in love with my brows. Filling them in doesn't feel like a chore when putting on my makeup anymore. I've recommended Kate to everyone I know, she is a brow genius. I feel like my face is more open and I don't feel so self conscious when I have to go out of the house without makeup on.

The best part to getting perfect brows, it only costs £25!!

If you fancy getting HD brows yourself, you must go see Kate at The Brow Club. She currently has her appointments in the Secret Warehouse which is an amazing space! I'll leave all of her amazing social media links below so all my lovely readers can get in touch with her.

The Brow Club Twitter, Instagram

Have you ever had a bad brow experience?

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