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I don't think I've ever featured Lush on here before, considering the tower of products I have I don't know how I haven't! It is definitely one of my guilty pleasures and I especially love the limited edition/seasonal products they have. On that note I managed to pick up quite a few of their valentines day products!

I can't go into Lush without getting one of their fresh face masks and this is most definitely my favourite. Let me introduce you to Cupcake.....this legit smells like a dark chocolate orange! I unfortunately suffer with my skin getting spotty from time to time, so I love that this mask absorbs any excess oil and calms any breakouts I've got, whilst the cocoa butter in it helps to moisturise my skin. I wash this off and have the softest skin!! 

Another skincare favourite that I always go back to is Eau Roma Water, I just spray it straight onto my skin (tip: refrigerate it and it's so refreshing, particularly if you've got a sunburn or it's the middle of summer). You can also spray it on and then wipe it off with a cotton pad like a toner. I also picked up the shower gel from the valentines day collection, Prince Charming has marshmallow root, vanilla, and pomegranate.....need I say any more?!!

The comforter smells so yummy, it's another one that I repurchase again and again. You definitely get your bang for your buck with this bubble bar, I can get about 4-6 baths out of one bar depending on how bubbly I want my bath. Plus it super pretty to look at! 

This was a new purchase for me, I don't know how I've never used this! This is Honey Bee bath bomb and if you like Honey, I Washed The Kids soap you will love this, I think this smells exactly the same. I cannot wait to use this one, I think this will make my bath smell super yummy! Fingers crossed it doesn't change my bath water an unfortunate colour, I can't wait to make a bath cocktail with this one.

This bath bomb was totally sold to me by the staff in Lush, it has bath melts inside and they're heart shaped!! How amazing does that sound?! It's called Lover Lamp and has cocoa butter, vanilla and orange in, so I imagine that this is going to make your bath smell like a chocolate orange. Lush needs to make more bath bombs with bath melts inside, it's such an amazing idea. I'm hoping they bring this out in their permanent range.

I feel like Strawberry Feels Forever has come out every year for valentines day since I got into Lush. It's baby pink and smells of straight strawberries, it's delicious. I am a massive strawberry fan since I was a baby, so this is the perfect product for me. I've noticed that when some brands do strawberry scents they tend to make them super sickly sweet, but when you smell Lush fruity products they smell like the actual fruit. Does anyone remember the magic mushrooms bubble bars (that might have been what they were called) that came out every valentines day but I don't think they've been released for the past couple of years. Whenever I use this massage bar or get a whiff of it, all I can think of is the magic mushroom bubble bar! 

I think I have too many shower gels and soaps, so it always takes me forever to get through the soaps I get from Lush.....Anyone else have this problem?! If you haven't seen Roses All The Way, it's shaped in a green heart with these painted roses sat on top. I wished I'd gotten a picture of the whole thing in store cause it looks super cute all together! I am not an overly floral person but I think that because Lush only use rose oils and rose infusion in it, it's not overdone. I'd definitely recommend going in and smelling it if you're kind of on the fence about rose scents.

I was having a chat with some of the lovely ladies in Lush about my blog and Youtube and one of the lovelies kindly gave me this lip scrub that I promptly inhaled when she gave me it to smell, yes you read that right I went to smell it and managed to inhale it! I wouldn't advise it, it's really not nice! However when you smell it properly it's really nice, there is something in this scent that I really like but I can't figure out what it is for the life of me! I love that it has edible glitter and heart decorations inside with the same pink colour as the bubblegum lip scrub. I have noticed that The Kiss isn't as sweet as their usual sugar scrubs, I think that's due to the sea salt in it. This will probably be a lip scrub that I rub on and wipe off with a tissue, however they do make my lips super soft!

What's your favourite Lush product?

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