Liverpool Bloggers Christmas Blues Party Review Bag

At the Liverpool Bloggers event a few weeks ago, we were given some amazing review bags which Steph had gotten some amazing local brands involved in! When we arrived there were a line of the different coloured review bags with our names on which were from Baggu, it was lovely to get a goody bag from an event in a reusable bag instead of paper brand bags.

A great local brand that Steph got involved was Gifts For Me And You. She makes amazing handmade gifts for presents or someone's household, there are some gorgeous accessories for yourself and your home. I am in love with her bobble hats! I was gifted a lovely black and white checkered style blanket scarf which has my name written all over it!! She also gave us 10% off the next time we place an order. The items she produces are of such a great quality, you can really tell they were handmade with love.

I last met Brittany from Noctua at the last blogger event I attended when she did a workshop with us on how to make our own bracelets. This time she gifted me a necklace with a beautiful green/blue crystal that also has a slight duo chrome effect which I love!! I also got a lovely crystal that I'm not 100% what it's for, I think each crystal has its own properties. If you haven't heard of Noctua, you need to go check out Brittany's jewellery it's drop dead gorgeous. The colours of the crystals she uses are just absolutely stunning!!

The lovely people over at The Vintage Corner kindly gave us £10 voucher for their shop. As I live on the Wirral and in placement loads at the moment, I'm hoping I can get there in time before the voucher runs out! 

The Inky Trail also gave us a 10% off voucher for our next order, their pieces are super cute! I've been eyeing up their Balloon Bulbs top so I might have to use my 10% voucher soon.

When I noticed on social media that Steph had managed to get Beauty Bazaar, Harvery Nichols involved, mine and every other bloggers mouths just dropped! I've been to some events at the Beauty Bazaar but I've never seen them involved in a third party event. They were super generous with the personal beauty bags.

First up we got the Avst Travel Prack from Environ, I've never heard of this brand and it has a more herbal scent so I'm super excited to try out. I also got a sample of the Gucci Bamboo perfume, I've never really tried Gucci perfumes and this one is so nice. I think it smells sweet and musky. Something I'm not sure on is James Read Overnight Tan, Sleep Mask Tan Face. I'm not a massive fake tan person as I'm so pale and am terrified that I'm going to wake up with an orange face! 

I love wearing nail polish when I'm not on shift in the hospital so I was super happy to be given a nail polish from Nails Inc, unfortunately it doesn't have a shade on it but it's a grey toned mink colour. I've recently gotten into Estee Lauder (I've only just got into the double wear foundation) so I was happy to see some of their skin care goodies in the beauty bag, their skincare smells so nice! I got the Perfectly Clean Foaming Cleanser, Fresh Balancing Lotion and the Advanced Night Repair Eye Cream. I also got some of the Cellex-C 50+ sun screen protection. 

Liverpool Bloggers also kindly gifted us a couple of items whilst arranging such an amazing evening. I got given a cute purple picture frame with a lovely picture and inspirational quote inside that I might have to put on my desk! I also got a lovely pink hair wrap towel for when you are drying your hair. This is so handy as my last one got wrecked in the washing machine and it was ancient as well!

Everyone was super generous and I can't wait to start testing them all out, keep your eyes peeled for reviews on either here or on my YouTube channel!

Look for something positive in each day, even if some days you have to look a little harder.
Danielle Levy

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