Liverpool Blogger Event ~ Christmas Blues Party

Last week I got the chance to attend a blogger event organised by the great Steph from Liverpool Bloggers. If you've never been to a blogger event they usually consist of networking, some snacks and often talking with some amazing brands! Steph went above and beyond for the first Liverpool Bloggers event. Instead of it just being a networking event with bloggers and brands, she organised a cocktail masterclass in Revolution in Liverpool Queen's square. 

When we walked in, we were kindly given a whole section in the basement with tables, chairs, a big booth and a private bar at the back of the basement. Steph did such an amazing job with all the decorating! She also welcomed everyone individually with hug, she is such a lovely person you have to go send her some love!! Once we'd sat down Steph gave us all these super cute jam jars filled with different flavoured candy floss tied to a pink balloon and our name badges. 

We all got the chance to chat to one another, then we moved on to the cocktail masterclass that was delivered by the lovely Micheal. To start us off we had a welcome cocktail (which may have been a strawberry daiquiri, I can't quite remember), he then got Andra, Robyn, Amy and Sam up for a not my arms cocktail game. If you've never heard that of that game/played it you have to go YouTube it, it's absolutely hilarious!! 

As you can see it was such a fun start to the evening and really got us all talking to each other, especially when you're in such close quarters!! After the girls had de-stickied (yes that's a word!) themselves, we got the chance to learn to make our own cocktails. I made the strawberry mango colada and it was delicious, it's good one if you're not overly big on alcohol drinks that hit you the second you drink them. It tastes like an amazing strawberry mango frozen smoothie!

As this was only the second time I'd ever been to Revolution, I had no idea that they served food. It has got to be some of the best food I've ever had at an event! They made us little mini burgers, pizzas, garlic bread, sweet potato fries, something that I think was chicken (I didn't try it so I'm not 100%) and they also the most amazing little fried shrimp balls (me and Sam were in love with them, they were so tasty!).

After we'd had plenty of time to eat and chat, Micheal said it was time to do the other half of the cocktail class and that we had a couple of options. He told us that we could either make another cocktail each or play a cocktail game, I'm betting you can guess which option we went with?! We even managed to get Alisha's husband involved! 

To finish off the masterclass, Micheal set up the shot line above. If you've never experienced a shot line, they are REALLY messy! So much so that unfortunately someone's phone got covered in an alcohol lemonade mixture, but they were either bubblegum or pineapple vodka. Micheal mentioned in the class that the bubblegum vodka is a vodka that they make up themselves, I'm not normally a vodka girl but they were delicious.

After the masterclass, Steph had an amazing idea of a new way we can give our social media links to each other. When we all sat down to chat and network, Steph came round and gave us 10 cute card labels with a heart cut out for us to write lovely messages to one another as well as our social media links. This was really a great touch to the night as it was so nice to meet loads of lovely bloggers and getting a handwritten notes from them is so nicer than just getting a blogger card, it really helps you to remember people!

Before we all disappeared back home, Steph gave us our review bags. She got some amazing brands involved which I am super excited about!! I am going to be dedicating a whole post on the review bag as everyone involved were super generous! I had such an incredible evening, I would definitely recommend Liverpool Bloggers to anyone that blogs in the Merseyside/Liverpool area and I cannot wait for their next event, I'll definitely be putting my name down!

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Danielle Levy

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  1. Awesome and freaking Christmas Blues party! I just love each and every detail of it, especially the color scheme! We also attended a similar Christmas party last year at one of Chicago venues but it was nothing when you compare it with this party.