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This past year I feel like my confidence with my blog and YouTube has grown so much and I think this is partially due to me attending a few blog events the past couple of months. Even though I've only been to a handful of events, I thought I would give you guys some of my top tips that I've picked up along the way and hopefully they'll help you guys as well!

Tip 1 ~ Get out of your comfort zone
I'm constantly trying to push myself to do this more and more, particularly at the larger events but talk to more people, you will find bloggers that you have loads and loads in common with as well as bloggers that have tons of valuable information that they will kindly pass onto you, if you just ask!

Tip 2 ~ Be prepared
My first couple events I attended I didn't have my blog and social media links written anywhere, so I found it awkward when people were asking for my blogger card. I didn't realise this was an actual thing at first. I soon ordered some super cute but affordable blogger cards from Vistaprint. You could do it yourself and make your own, that would really make you and your blog stand out! I'd remember someone if they gave me a really cute homemade card with their blog and social media links. 

Tip 3 ~ Scout out who's going
Pretty much every blogger event I have been to has had a Twitter hashtag or Facebook group attached to it. These are super useful for figuring out which bloggers are attending and you can start reading their blogs, this also gives a great conversation starter if you're ever unsure how to approach them. You can start of discussing about one of their posts that really caught your eye and before you know it you're gabbing away!! Finding out who is going beforehand is super handy if you're not really sure how to get to the event, you can meet up before and scout it out together.

Tip 4 ~ Plan your outfit
Often when you attend a blogger event, it's generally really picture heavy so I like to plan my outfit in plenty of time so if I find I'm missing something or really need a new piece of jewellery etc I've got plenty of time to pick it up. I also like to plan a second outfit as in Liverpool/Merseyside it can be pouring with rain one minute and then bright and sunny the next! I tend to be looking at my weather app constantly up till I get dressed (and I leave that till I'm about to walk out the door) so I can make sure I'm not going to get drenched or overheat in my outfit!! 

Tip 5 ~ Comfy shoes
Depending on the type of event and how long it is, you might want to consider your choice of shoes very carefully. A couple of the events I've been to have required a fair amount of walking/standing for large amounts of time, this equals sore feet at the end of the day! Be sure to find some cute comfy shoes if you are going to be on your feet for a while, I've learnt this one the hard way by wearing really cute high heels and hobbling home after the event.

Tip 6 ~ Charge batteries & make space on memory cards
Every blogger event is really picture heavy, so make sure you have a full battery (I always charge mine up the night before the event). It's also handy to make sure you have a fairly big memory card or make sure that you have copied all your pictures onto your computer and cleared your memory cards. If you charge them overnight or clear your card the night before, make sure you put them back in your camera asap, I have known bloggers to forget their memory card or battery and are left taking pictures with their phones.

Tip 7 ~ Know your brands
Not every event you go to will tell you what brands will be involved, if you do know do some prep work. Do a bit of research before the events about the brands attending, pick out some favourite items or discuss your favourites in their latest collection with me, whichever takes your fancy!

Have you picked up any tips or tricks while attending blogger events?

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