Why I went into nursing.....

Recently in uni I've been helping out with the open days and selection/interview days, the common question that I keep getting asked besides what the course is like was 'Why did you get into nursing?', so I thought why not tell all you lovelies!!

About 4 and a half years ago, I decided that I wanted to go into nursing. Part of that decision was influenced by my grandmother and part of it was influenced by me! 

My grandmother had always been a nurse for her entire career even with 5 children!! She became a State enrolled nurse, I believe SEN's were just below registered general nurses on qualifications...well at least that's what my grandmother told me. Towards the end of her career she moved from caring for patients in hospital to caring for patients in nursing homes and she loves it, she was able to give the care she wanted to with less time constraints. She always loved her job and told me how amazing it was being a nurse was even way back in the 1950's! 

Since I was little she seemed to see something in me that I never noticed until a few years ago....she felt I was naturally caring and compassionate beyond what she thought the average person was. Because of this she constantly tried to push me down the nursing route and sometimes it was great, other times it just felt a bit tedious and annoying (she even admitted to me that she would be annoyed with herself if I was her), but she kept going and her hard work and pushing paid off! 

A few years ago I finally decide to get my nursing degree and I realised years ago when I started my first placement that this is the perfect career for me, even more so when I had a cardiology placement and everything just seemed to click into place! 

Yes there may be times when I wake up at 4am and am not back in bed till half 10 at night, I love being there for my patients, I love being their advocates and someone they feel comfortable to talk to about issues. I love seeing my patients face when he sees that I've brought him a paper on my way up from the car park, one he usually has everyday at home. As much as people think "Wow 14 hour days!", I love being to provide continuity of care by being there for my patients for the whole day and it just flies by for me! 

I love being a nurse and NOTHING will ever change that!! 

If you love your job, you never have to work a day in your life! 

Danielle Levy

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