My 2016 goals

Well it's officially 2016 which is slightly terrifying for me as at the end of 2016 I will be graduating and fingers crossed will be a registered staff nurse. I thought I would put my goals on here as I thought it might be a way to motivate myself to keep to them as well keeping myself accountable! I am trying to avoid calling them resolutions this year as I feel it kind of gives it less pressure to call them goals. 

This year I am planning in an Erin Condren life planner which actually features a section that has 12 boxes which you could use for anything you wanted to, I'm planning to use them to keep track on a monthly basis of how I am getting on with my yearly goals and how far I've come! I am off for the whole of January so I am hoping that I can get the start of these goals down by the end of the month so that the changes will be properly embedded in me so before I go back to lectures and placement!

My goals:
  • Loose weight/Tone up ~ I have struggled with my weight since I was in my late teens, I have made it a serious goal to myself to loose weight and get healthier for a couple of reasons. First it's not good for your body to be overweight, secondly I don't feel comfortable being overweight, thirdly I cannot give patients advice on being healthy and limiting certain bad habits etc when I am not practicing it myself, finally this is a purely vain factor (yes I fully aware and fully own up to it!) I don't want a overweight graduate picture.
  • Have a period of relaxation each week ~ I have completely decided the relaxation period is going to be a whole day or an evening, it will most likely be on a sunday. I've decided that I want to have an evening or even a day that is to myself, I don't go on social media, I stay off my phone, ipad, and laptop, I spend time with my family, watch some movies, read books, do some chores. Just something that is some me time.
  • Start a YouTube channel ~ I originally had a YouTube channel years ago when I was in high school and unfortunately due to bullying from some small minded people, I stopped it and blogging altogether. However I've been blogging for two years  next August and I have noticed recently that I've missed making videos (especially after talking to my friends Danielle and Kiah who are both YouTubers), so much so that I have decided in the new year I am going to give YouTube another go. In fact I am filming a couple of videos this week ready to go up in January. I would love to be at the point in being organisation that I can post one video a week, but for now I am going to aim to for two videos a month. However I am hoping that while I'm off on exam leave it might give me some much needed time to film several videos, edit them and have the uploads ready to go live.
  • Make better food choices & workout 3x times a week ~ This one goes along with my loose weight/tone up goals and well they go hand in hand, you can't really have one without the other! Unfortunately this year I don't have my car which makes it slightly more difficult to go the gym regularly without having to pay for a bus to get there, thankfully my mum's partner goes to the same gym so if he is planning to go at the same time I have a ride otherwise it's a bus or about a 40/50 minute walk each way. At the end of this year I found an amazing app SWORKIT, that I have been in love with. I am planning this year to workout 3 times a week instead of going to the gym 3 times a week. In partner I plan to improve my eating habits, I am not going to lie being so busy since August with university has had me reaching for fast, processed food rather than taking the time to make healthier, more delicious food.
  • Be motivated & accomplish all my set tasks ~  This is my final goal for the year, my motivation tends to fluctuate so some days I can get pretty much everything done and some days I set out with good intentions to get my tasks for the day done, get one or two done and then I get 'distracted' by Netflix or YouTube! My goal is to start setting my phone to airplane mode and get up on time instead of lying in bed to get everything done before I put my phone, ipad, ipad, tv etc on.  

What goals have you guys set for yourselves for 2016?

A nurse is not what you know, it's what you are....I am a nurse: it's not what I do. It's what I am.
Danielle Levy

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