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So it's getting near to final dissertation submission time, I thought I would give you all some tips about your dissertations. I had 4 months to write my dissertation from start to finish, so I had to become fairly organised and learn some time-saving tips!

  • Start early ~ I don't know if this is just because I had 4 months to write mine where people normally get a year, but start reading and finding your literature early! I don't know if this is the same for other courses that do their dissertation over 12 months, but during my second year we had a research module where we started working on the topic we were doing for our dissertation so that helps you with perfecting your searches and finding literature. It all helps to put you on the right path for your literature review. 
  • Read and read again ~ Read all the literature you find and anything you think is relevant again and again. This will help you out big time as you'll begin to see themes and you'll be able to connect the different studies in your literature review, it'll also save you hours of flicking from study to study!
  • Get a notebook ~ Have somewhere that you can keep all and any notes you write in one place. You'd be surprised how a note might not be anything when you write it then weeks/months later when you look at it again, it sparks off something genius! 
  • Get a folder ~ To match the notebook, get yourself a folder. Have somewhere that you can store all the physical documents, you also then have a second copy if anything happens to the electronic version! You can also use this to store any drafts of your dissertation.
  • Stay organised ~ When I was writing my draft dissertation I had loads of deadline and supervisor meetings that I needed to attend on a weekly basis. These past couple of months, my planner has been invaluable. I've been able to write the dates for all my deadlines and meetings as well as organising what part of my dissertation I want to work on each week.
  • Learn to love your library ~ The week before my dissertation draft was due in we were luckily given the whole week off, during this week I spent nearly every single day in my library. Learn to love your library, get to know where all the books are, where the quietest places to study and work are....you will thank me later!!
  • Take advantage of your dissertation supervisor ~ My dissertation supervisor has been absolutely amazing whilst I've been writing my dissertation, I've been able to email her at ridiculous o'clock, emailed her the silliest little question when my brain just can't function. She kept me sane when my dissertation was sending me round the bend!
Have you guys got any tips and tricks for dissertations?

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Danielle Levy

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