Etsy Sticker Haul

Recently I've gotten into the world of Erin Condren life planners and Etsy stickers, I decided to do some shopping on Etsy to find some great sticker stores that don't cost the earth! At the moment I am trying to find some stickers stores that don't cost the world to ship to the Liverpool, I was also looking for stickers stores that offered sheets that weren't super expensive but you got a really good amount of stickers on a sheet (very important when you are a student!).

The first shop I ordered from was TheHummingbirdPlanner, it's a London sticker store and shipping only cost me £1.26. I picked up a couple of sets of physical stickers and two printable documents. 

I got two sheets of glossy stickers, one with little computers on which I planning to use to schedule out my blog posts. Little tip: be careful when you are putting the glossy stickers back in the cellophane as I accidentally caught some of them on the sticky strip that keeps it closed and it pulled off a little bit of the ink on some of the icons as you can see above.

I also picked the multi-coloured pound icons so that I can track my paydays.

In printables, I picked up weekend banners and the payday/bill due flags (I'm yet to print these off yet though)! Emily (the owner) was super sweet and included a little thank you freebie which included some small dots, functional icons, and some small boxes.

I also got an order from LemonPaperCo, which is a sticker store from the Philippines. The shipping only cost my £2.38 to come all the way to Liverpool from the Philippines, such cheap in my opinion! 

I was just amazed when I opened up the envelope and she had been super generous and included a ton of freebies as well as her card with her social media links as well as the social media hashtag for your order and a code for money off your future order. In my order she included a little sheet with some planners and coffee cups, she also included four little strips that included coffee cups, milk cartons, little retro tv's, a planner, egg, and little fork and spoon set.   

The first two sheets I got were the grocery bags and little credit card icons. These credit card icons are the cutest icons I have found so far on etsy, they are in pastel colours with kawaii faces and little bows on them!! These were only £1.53 for 48 stickers, so I have enough for 2 years if I needed to pay my credit card every month. I also picked up these little grocery bags, as I tend to go with my mum when we do the monthly food shop for the house. When I move out into my own flat, I am planning to use these for when I need to go food shopping. I did notice they are similar to grocery bags that some etsy sellers have, however these are so much cuter as they had the actual groceries coming out the top of the bags. These were only £1.46 for 48 stickers.

I also picked up these little gym/workout stickers as well, I got them in two different colours pink and fuchsia as well as teal and blue. I got these to help track one of my new years resolutions (I will be doing a post/video on this next week). These were only £1.46 each for 56 stickers.

The last couple of sheets I got were coffee cups and camera stickers. I picked up the coffee cups in pink and mocha (she does them in a couple of other colours combinations!) and I am in love with how cute they are! I've not entirely decided how I am going to use these in my planner exactly, maybe I could use them for when I want to treat myself to a Starbucks as I bring my own coffee/tea/hot chocolate/mocha everywhere I go to save myself some money! These were £1.46 for 44 stickers. I also picked the pastel cameras which I originally was going to use for when my blog posts are due to go up, however as I picked up blogging stickers from The Hummingbird Planner so I am planning to use these to track when I am going to take blog pictures. These were only £1.46 for 40 stickers. 

I ordered from my first Australian etsy seller, PeacefulMindDesign. Big tip for UK planner addicts I found quite a few Australian etsy sellers have super cheap shipping and the conversion of Australian dollars to British pound is really good!! My shipping was only £1.62 and I ordered 8 sheets with the samples. She actually uses very light weight sticker paper which allows her to offer such cheap shipping, I actually love that she offers thinner stickers so that it doesn't bulk out my planner too much!

When it arrived she had included a planner, present, flowers, quotes and a happy mail sticker with her business logo on. She shut her shop last week for the holidays (thankfully I got my order in in time!), it looks as if she is updating her colours for her stickers as my order came with a little sheet of dots with the new colours (such a good idea to be able to see them in person!). A lot of her stickers are available in two different colour sets, rainbow one and rainbow two and I'm actually loving the new rainbow one colours! I also picked up these little house bill due stickers, which I am planning to use to track when I pay my rent. These were only 65p for twenty, these are actually part of a minis bills collection that include internet, card, tv, phone, electricity, water, gas and mortgage/rent. The rest of the stickers I purchased were a bargain at £1.31 each!!

These savings stickers were actually the first thing I found that drew me to her sticker store, a large amount of the savings sticker on etsy that I could find revolved around little piggy banks or the 52 week challenge which I'm not 100% on. I love her version that are small boxes (that I think match the horizontal monthly colours!) that you can put how much you deposited and how much you have total in your savings, which I think is so helpful so I don't have to keep going back to my online banking to check the balance of my savings account! These came in the rainbow two colours, I also picked up the mini bill due stickers in the rainbow two colours to go in my horizontal layout as they really won't take up too much room as I often have several bills due one day/in one week! 

I really wanted to pick up some stickers that I could use to decorate when it is someone's birthday along with the Erin Condren birthday stickers, I found these pastel present stickers that are just gorgeous and I can't wait to start decorating birthdays in my planner. You also get 40 stickers so even if you are incredibly popular, you still have plenty of stickers! I also picked up some pastel retro style tv's which I think I'm going to use to track when I want to have a movie night or when if I get addicted to a particular show. Again you get 40 stickers to a sheet, I love that she puts them on longer, thinner sheets as they don't take up tons of room when it comes to storing them. 

In my planner I track when I'm going to get certain chores done as working all sorts of different shifts on placement mean I forget the smallest things, so I picked up some laundry and vacuum stickers. She actually offers the laundry stickers in three different formats, a mix of washing machines and baskets, just baskets and just washing machines. I tend to wash my clothes one day and then air dry then on a clothes maiden/airer so I often don't put my laundry away till the day after, so I think I will probably use the washing machine for when I will actually wash the clothes and then the laundry baskets for when I am going to put laundry away. I also picked up the cutest little hoovers (vacuums) for the days I plan to hoover my room.

I thought I would give checklists a go in my planner this year, I'm not 100% sure what exactly I am going to use them for. Nicky (PeacefulMindDesign) actually offers these in a bunch of different colour combinations, I picked up mine in the Flamingo and Cherry Blossom shade which I hoped would match the January/February months. You actually get eight ombre checklists with four headers in matching colours. 

I am super happy with all the stickers stores I ordered from and I actually cannot wait to start using them next week in my planner. I also plan to order some more stickers in January when a lot of the etsy seller re-open their shops after the Christmas break!

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Danielle Levy


  1. Where did you get your planner from. I'm due to qualify in September and need to get organised. So going to do this x

    1. Hi, I got my planner from Erin Condren (here's a link - I feel much more organised with it now! They are actually on sale at the moment as they'll be due to bring the 2017 ones out in a couple of months.

      Good luck, I'm due to qualify in September as well!!

      Danielle xx

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