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It's officially December and that means it's time to put up the Christmas decorations, pull out the cheesy Christmas jumpers and put on the Christmas films on! I thought while I am busy decorating my house, I would tell you all my favourite Christmas films that I love to watch during December....Yes I am the person that watches Christmas films nearly everyday in December and I love it!!

My absolute favourite has got to be (drum roll).......Love Actually! This is practically a Christmas tradition in my house, especially for me to watch this film at the start of the Christmas season. In fact I only just watched it yesterday for the first time this Christmas. This film is one of those that is always on British telly during December and its one that makes you feel all fuzzy with love and happiness when you watch it, this never fails to get me in the Christmas spirit even when I'm having grinch days (we all have them, you know you do!)!

How could I do a Christmas movie post without putting this bad boy in here?!! Elf has got to be one of the top films for pretty much everyone. It's a film that I've seen everyone children and adults sit round the telly and watch, it's just that good! I find that its got some great adult humor that you pick up on. I love watching this in bed on Christmas Eve as it totally gets me in the spirit for Christmas the next day!!

Four Christmases is a hilarious film that shows the reality of visiting family on Christmas! Vince Vaughn and Reese Witherspoon are super funny in films independently, but together they just make this film hilarious with wrestling brothers, crying babies and bouncy castles it's an awesome alternative from traditional Christmas films.

This is another great funny Christmas film, me and my family have always watched Christmas with the Kranks every year together as a family with snuggly blankets and hot chocolates! Tim Allen and Jamie Lee Curtis are just super funny in this film, for anyone that's seen it all I need to say is Botox Face & Spray Tan!! It's definitely worth checking out this Christmas season, and it's not a typical Christmas that is more targeted to a younger family which is great.

Home Alone is the traditional Christmas film that I think everyone in the world watches during Christmas. We randomly only have the second one on dvd for some reason, but it has just come onto Nextflix and is constantly on telly every year so I always get the chance to watch all of them. Christmas really wouldn't be the same without watching the Home Alone films!

What are your favourite films during Christmas time?

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