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I saw this tag on Mylilyotv and I have been looking around for a nice Christmas tag to complete during Blogmas, so this was perfect timing finding it!

Favourite winter scent?
I've recently started burning a winter vanilla candle and the smell is soo nice! Definitely my favourite scent this Christmas.

Favourite winter beverage?
Definitely my pepper nutella hot chocolate, you can find the recipe on it here.

Favourite new Christmas song from this year?
I haven't actually heard any new Christmas songs this year due to not having a car anymore and listening to the radio on drives. My favourite one (which I think came out last year) is Santa Tell Me by Ariana Grande.

What is your go-to product for this month?
Hand cream, hand cream and hand cream!!! I am constantly washing and disinfecting my hands which can actually be really harsh on my skin, so I am constantly applying it. I recently picked up the Almond hand cream from The Body Shop and am in love, it's such a great wintery/Christmasy scent!

What is your most favourite glittery product?
They have to be the Barry M dazzle dusts, if you take your time to apply them they are great otherwise you can end up with a ton of glitter fall-out on your cheeks.

What will you be wearing on your nails?
A couple of weeks ago my mum picked up some Barry M nail paints and got me a red glittery polish that just screams Christmas so I am planning to paint my nails with it today ready for Christmas!

What food are you most excited about?
Definitely the roast dinner! I cook Christmas dinner but I am typically British and LOVE roast dinners! I only found out recently that roast dinners every Sunday was a British thing.

Do you have any special family traditions?
Every Christmas my mum buys us all a new pair of pjs to wear to bed on Christmas Eve and open presents in on Christmas morning.

When do you put your decorations up?
I am the one that normally puts most of the decorations up, especially the Christmas tree. I tend to do it whenever I find time in December, this is the first December in a couple of years where I've not been in placement/work for most of December (thanks to dissertations!) so I got to put it up the first week of December.

Is there one thing that you don't like about this month?
The only thing I miss is not having my grandmother with us around Christmas. Before she moved down from Scotland she would come and stay for the weeks of Christmas and New Year, she thankfully then carried it on once she had moved down to the Wirral. 

Do you have any exciting plans for this month?
My only exciting thing that was coming up during December was getting the feedback for my dissertation as I worked super hard on it......that's super sad I know!!

What are you going to wear on Christmas Day?
We go pretty informal on Christmas Day, we normally have new pjs every year to wear on Christmas eve/Christmas morning and then I normally wear sweatpants and a cute Christmas t-shirt/jumper as I cook Christmas dinner so I like something comfy to wear while I cook!

What tops your tree?
We've got a sparkly red star that we've had since a couple of years ago when we got a real tree.

Do you have an advent calendar?
Yes I may be nearly 23, but my mum still buys me a chocolate advent calendar every year. I think that is probably be one of the last ones my mum buys for me. We completely forgot to buy ones this year and went the day before they were due to start, me and my mum managed to score Lindl advent calendars.

Do you like mince pies?
I'm not in love with them, but I don't mind having one or two during Christmas. Although they have to be the full pastry ones, my little brother brought home ones that had a layer of icing on top of the mincemeat and they looked like diabetes in a pie!!!

Will you be wearing a Christmas jumper?
Yep, I have a jumper and t-shirt. My Christmas jumper was bought for me last year by my mother which she then put away for safe keeping and promptly forgot where she put it (anyone else's mum do that?!), I then got it mid-January so it's been sat in my wardrobe since! I took the opportunity to wear it yesterday for my last day of lectures.

Are you going to make anything?
I usually make some chocolate chip cookies in Christmasy shapes, you can find the recipe here. I occasionally make some Christmas cakes, which I might do this year! 

If you have to pick one, what would be your favourite movie?
My top favourite Christmas film is Love Actually, I kind of cheat and watch it throughout the year (maybe that's to get me excited for Christmas!). You can see my blogmas post on my top favourite Christmas movies here.

If you could go away for Christmas, where would you go?
I love being on the Wirral for Christmas but I would love to go somewhere that gets proper snow and not just sludge and ice!

How do you keep warm?
I love snuggly jumpers, fuzzy socks, plenty of blankets/duvets and cosying up by the fire!

Do you have a favourite ornament or decoration?
A couple of years ago on New Years my best friend unfortunately passed away and I think it was the Christmas after her mum gave all her close friends ornaments with her picture inside so we had a bit of her with us every year.

Favourite Christmas advert?
This year it's got to be the John Lewis advert, I have heard some people say they don't like it as much. I love it but it makes me cry every time I see it, as a nurse I see a lot of social isolation within hospitals so it just makes me cry every I see it.

Are you going to be reading a book this month? If so, tell us?
I've just recently started taking a book with me on the train to university to give myself something other than my phone to occupy me and of course it had to be nursing related book! It's called It Won't Hurt a Bit: Nursing Tales from the swinging sixties. 

What are you wanting more than anything?
I am wanting to be with my family more than anything this Christmas as next year I will hopefully be a qualified nurse and I have a feeling that I will be working Christmas.

Do you have a theme for your wrapping paper?
This Christmas my mum has bought all the wrapping paper so I've pretty much just gone with whatever she's chosen!

What treats are you looking forward too?
Definitely hot chocolates with marshmallows and whipped cream and chocolate chip cookies!

How do you decorate your room?
I haven't gone too nuts with my room this year as I've been so busy with my dissertation, so all I've done this year is add in my little pink Christmas tree and some Christmas cushions and blankets!

What item do you not like receiving on Christmas?
I pretty much like any present I get, the only thing I am particular about is diary/planners as most people are I guess. Because of that I normally buy my planner in about October/November and last year I ended up with two diaries as my mum had also bought one for me, so I ended up using the one my mum got me to track my placement hours and miles.

Favourite Christmas quote?
I love snow for the same reason I love Christmas: it brings people together while time stands still.

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