Life Rambles ~ Christmas Day

It's time for another life rambles post, I had originally planned to do a post on what I was kindly given for Christmas but I changed my mind and thought I would tell you all how we do Christmas day in my house. Be sure to let me know in the comments how you guys do Christmas as I know everyone does it differently!

It is tradition every year that we all have new Christmas pj's to wear to bed on Christmas eve and wear to unwrap presents in the morning. Thankfully now me and my brother are older there's no getting up at the crack of dawn! I tend to be an early bird (with exceptions) and I actually managed to lie in till about 9.30am before I had to get up and get some tea, by the time I got downstairs I changed my mind and went for a hot chocolate with marshmallows and whipped cream to drink while I unwrapped presents!

Once we've opened presents and we are playing with the dog (he loves playing and ripping up the wrapping paper), my mum's partner cooks Christmas breakfast. It's another tradition in my house that I cook the Christmas dinner and my mum's partner does Christmas breakfast. What we actually do on Christmas day completely depends, sometimes we will see family and go for a dog walk, sometimes family come round, sometimes my mum's partner's kid will come round or they will go to there's, or we will have a chill day and just relax in our pj's all day with Christmas TV on! This Christmas I had pretty much a chill day, I stayed in my pj's and watched telly and cooked the Christmas dinner. And yes I did have do some nursing related work, it was only a little bit on Christmas. I just printed off the last couple of presentations that I needed to revise for my exam in January. The rest of the night was spent watching TV and films with the family! 

How do you guys spend Christmas in your house?

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Danielle Levy

Merry Christmas

I would like to wish all of my readers a very big Merry Christmas. I hope that you and your families have a great and safe time during the holidays. I will be back next week as usual with the additional of my YouTube channel which you guys can find below (it's still in the early stages, I am hoping I will soon have the custom URL which will be easier for you guys!).

Have a great Christmas and New Year!

Danielle Levy

Etsy Sticker Haul

Recently I've gotten into the world of Erin Condren life planners and Etsy stickers, I decided to do some shopping on Etsy to find some great sticker stores that don't cost the earth! At the moment I am trying to find some stickers stores that don't cost the world to ship to the Liverpool, I was also looking for stickers stores that offered sheets that weren't super expensive but you got a really good amount of stickers on a sheet (very important when you are a student!).

The first shop I ordered from was TheHummingbirdPlanner, it's a London sticker store and shipping only cost me £1.26. I picked up a couple of sets of physical stickers and two printable documents. 

I got two sheets of glossy stickers, one with little computers on which I planning to use to schedule out my blog posts. Little tip: be careful when you are putting the glossy stickers back in the cellophane as I accidentally caught some of them on the sticky strip that keeps it closed and it pulled off a little bit of the ink on some of the icons as you can see above.

I also picked the multi-coloured pound icons so that I can track my paydays.

In printables, I picked up weekend banners and the payday/bill due flags (I'm yet to print these off yet though)! Emily (the owner) was super sweet and included a little thank you freebie which included some small dots, functional icons, and some small boxes.

I also got an order from LemonPaperCo, which is a sticker store from the Philippines. The shipping only cost my £2.38 to come all the way to Liverpool from the Philippines, such cheap in my opinion! 

I was just amazed when I opened up the envelope and she had been super generous and included a ton of freebies as well as her card with her social media links as well as the social media hashtag for your order and a code for money off your future order. In my order she included a little sheet with some planners and coffee cups, she also included four little strips that included coffee cups, milk cartons, little retro tv's, a planner, egg, and little fork and spoon set.   

The first two sheets I got were the grocery bags and little credit card icons. These credit card icons are the cutest icons I have found so far on etsy, they are in pastel colours with kawaii faces and little bows on them!! These were only £1.53 for 48 stickers, so I have enough for 2 years if I needed to pay my credit card every month. I also picked up these little grocery bags, as I tend to go with my mum when we do the monthly food shop for the house. When I move out into my own flat, I am planning to use these for when I need to go food shopping. I did notice they are similar to grocery bags that some etsy sellers have, however these are so much cuter as they had the actual groceries coming out the top of the bags. These were only £1.46 for 48 stickers.

I also picked up these little gym/workout stickers as well, I got them in two different colours pink and fuchsia as well as teal and blue. I got these to help track one of my new years resolutions (I will be doing a post/video on this next week). These were only £1.46 each for 56 stickers.

The last couple of sheets I got were coffee cups and camera stickers. I picked up the coffee cups in pink and mocha (she does them in a couple of other colours combinations!) and I am in love with how cute they are! I've not entirely decided how I am going to use these in my planner exactly, maybe I could use them for when I want to treat myself to a Starbucks as I bring my own coffee/tea/hot chocolate/mocha everywhere I go to save myself some money! These were £1.46 for 44 stickers. I also picked the pastel cameras which I originally was going to use for when my blog posts are due to go up, however as I picked up blogging stickers from The Hummingbird Planner so I am planning to use these to track when I am going to take blog pictures. These were only £1.46 for 40 stickers. 

I ordered from my first Australian etsy seller, PeacefulMindDesign. Big tip for UK planner addicts I found quite a few Australian etsy sellers have super cheap shipping and the conversion of Australian dollars to British pound is really good!! My shipping was only £1.62 and I ordered 8 sheets with the samples. She actually uses very light weight sticker paper which allows her to offer such cheap shipping, I actually love that she offers thinner stickers so that it doesn't bulk out my planner too much!

When it arrived she had included a planner, present, flowers, quotes and a happy mail sticker with her business logo on. She shut her shop last week for the holidays (thankfully I got my order in in time!), it looks as if she is updating her colours for her stickers as my order came with a little sheet of dots with the new colours (such a good idea to be able to see them in person!). A lot of her stickers are available in two different colour sets, rainbow one and rainbow two and I'm actually loving the new rainbow one colours! I also picked up these little house bill due stickers, which I am planning to use to track when I pay my rent. These were only 65p for twenty, these are actually part of a minis bills collection that include internet, card, tv, phone, electricity, water, gas and mortgage/rent. The rest of the stickers I purchased were a bargain at £1.31 each!!

These savings stickers were actually the first thing I found that drew me to her sticker store, a large amount of the savings sticker on etsy that I could find revolved around little piggy banks or the 52 week challenge which I'm not 100% on. I love her version that are small boxes (that I think match the horizontal monthly colours!) that you can put how much you deposited and how much you have total in your savings, which I think is so helpful so I don't have to keep going back to my online banking to check the balance of my savings account! These came in the rainbow two colours, I also picked up the mini bill due stickers in the rainbow two colours to go in my horizontal layout as they really won't take up too much room as I often have several bills due one day/in one week! 

I really wanted to pick up some stickers that I could use to decorate when it is someone's birthday along with the Erin Condren birthday stickers, I found these pastel present stickers that are just gorgeous and I can't wait to start decorating birthdays in my planner. You also get 40 stickers so even if you are incredibly popular, you still have plenty of stickers! I also picked up some pastel retro style tv's which I think I'm going to use to track when I want to have a movie night or when if I get addicted to a particular show. Again you get 40 stickers to a sheet, I love that she puts them on longer, thinner sheets as they don't take up tons of room when it comes to storing them. 

In my planner I track when I'm going to get certain chores done as working all sorts of different shifts on placement mean I forget the smallest things, so I picked up some laundry and vacuum stickers. She actually offers the laundry stickers in three different formats, a mix of washing machines and baskets, just baskets and just washing machines. I tend to wash my clothes one day and then air dry then on a clothes maiden/airer so I often don't put my laundry away till the day after, so I think I will probably use the washing machine for when I will actually wash the clothes and then the laundry baskets for when I am going to put laundry away. I also picked up the cutest little hoovers (vacuums) for the days I plan to hoover my room.

I thought I would give checklists a go in my planner this year, I'm not 100% sure what exactly I am going to use them for. Nicky (PeacefulMindDesign) actually offers these in a bunch of different colour combinations, I picked up mine in the Flamingo and Cherry Blossom shade which I hoped would match the January/February months. You actually get eight ombre checklists with four headers in matching colours. 

I am super happy with all the stickers stores I ordered from and I actually cannot wait to start using them next week in my planner. I also plan to order some more stickers in January when a lot of the etsy seller re-open their shops after the Christmas break!

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Blogmas ~ The Christmas Tag

I saw this tag on Mylilyotv and I have been looking around for a nice Christmas tag to complete during Blogmas, so this was perfect timing finding it!

Favourite winter scent?
I've recently started burning a winter vanilla candle and the smell is soo nice! Definitely my favourite scent this Christmas.

Favourite winter beverage?
Definitely my pepper nutella hot chocolate, you can find the recipe on it here.

Favourite new Christmas song from this year?
I haven't actually heard any new Christmas songs this year due to not having a car anymore and listening to the radio on drives. My favourite one (which I think came out last year) is Santa Tell Me by Ariana Grande.

What is your go-to product for this month?
Hand cream, hand cream and hand cream!!! I am constantly washing and disinfecting my hands which can actually be really harsh on my skin, so I am constantly applying it. I recently picked up the Almond hand cream from The Body Shop and am in love, it's such a great wintery/Christmasy scent!

What is your most favourite glittery product?
They have to be the Barry M dazzle dusts, if you take your time to apply them they are great otherwise you can end up with a ton of glitter fall-out on your cheeks.

What will you be wearing on your nails?
A couple of weeks ago my mum picked up some Barry M nail paints and got me a red glittery polish that just screams Christmas so I am planning to paint my nails with it today ready for Christmas!

What food are you most excited about?
Definitely the roast dinner! I cook Christmas dinner but I am typically British and LOVE roast dinners! I only found out recently that roast dinners every Sunday was a British thing.

Do you have any special family traditions?
Every Christmas my mum buys us all a new pair of pjs to wear to bed on Christmas Eve and open presents in on Christmas morning.

When do you put your decorations up?
I am the one that normally puts most of the decorations up, especially the Christmas tree. I tend to do it whenever I find time in December, this is the first December in a couple of years where I've not been in placement/work for most of December (thanks to dissertations!) so I got to put it up the first week of December.

Is there one thing that you don't like about this month?
The only thing I miss is not having my grandmother with us around Christmas. Before she moved down from Scotland she would come and stay for the weeks of Christmas and New Year, she thankfully then carried it on once she had moved down to the Wirral. 

Do you have any exciting plans for this month?
My only exciting thing that was coming up during December was getting the feedback for my dissertation as I worked super hard on it......that's super sad I know!!

What are you going to wear on Christmas Day?
We go pretty informal on Christmas Day, we normally have new pjs every year to wear on Christmas eve/Christmas morning and then I normally wear sweatpants and a cute Christmas t-shirt/jumper as I cook Christmas dinner so I like something comfy to wear while I cook!

What tops your tree?
We've got a sparkly red star that we've had since a couple of years ago when we got a real tree.

Do you have an advent calendar?
Yes I may be nearly 23, but my mum still buys me a chocolate advent calendar every year. I think that is probably be one of the last ones my mum buys for me. We completely forgot to buy ones this year and went the day before they were due to start, me and my mum managed to score Lindl advent calendars.

Do you like mince pies?
I'm not in love with them, but I don't mind having one or two during Christmas. Although they have to be the full pastry ones, my little brother brought home ones that had a layer of icing on top of the mincemeat and they looked like diabetes in a pie!!!

Will you be wearing a Christmas jumper?
Yep, I have a jumper and t-shirt. My Christmas jumper was bought for me last year by my mother which she then put away for safe keeping and promptly forgot where she put it (anyone else's mum do that?!), I then got it mid-January so it's been sat in my wardrobe since! I took the opportunity to wear it yesterday for my last day of lectures.

Are you going to make anything?
I usually make some chocolate chip cookies in Christmasy shapes, you can find the recipe here. I occasionally make some Christmas cakes, which I might do this year! 

If you have to pick one, what would be your favourite movie?
My top favourite Christmas film is Love Actually, I kind of cheat and watch it throughout the year (maybe that's to get me excited for Christmas!). You can see my blogmas post on my top favourite Christmas movies here.

If you could go away for Christmas, where would you go?
I love being on the Wirral for Christmas but I would love to go somewhere that gets proper snow and not just sludge and ice!

How do you keep warm?
I love snuggly jumpers, fuzzy socks, plenty of blankets/duvets and cosying up by the fire!

Do you have a favourite ornament or decoration?
A couple of years ago on New Years my best friend unfortunately passed away and I think it was the Christmas after her mum gave all her close friends ornaments with her picture inside so we had a bit of her with us every year.

Favourite Christmas advert?
This year it's got to be the John Lewis advert, I have heard some people say they don't like it as much. I love it but it makes me cry every time I see it, as a nurse I see a lot of social isolation within hospitals so it just makes me cry every I see it.

Are you going to be reading a book this month? If so, tell us?
I've just recently started taking a book with me on the train to university to give myself something other than my phone to occupy me and of course it had to be nursing related book! It's called It Won't Hurt a Bit: Nursing Tales from the swinging sixties. 

What are you wanting more than anything?
I am wanting to be with my family more than anything this Christmas as next year I will hopefully be a qualified nurse and I have a feeling that I will be working Christmas.

Do you have a theme for your wrapping paper?
This Christmas my mum has bought all the wrapping paper so I've pretty much just gone with whatever she's chosen!

What treats are you looking forward too?
Definitely hot chocolates with marshmallows and whipped cream and chocolate chip cookies!

How do you decorate your room?
I haven't gone too nuts with my room this year as I've been so busy with my dissertation, so all I've done this year is add in my little pink Christmas tree and some Christmas cushions and blankets!

What item do you not like receiving on Christmas?
I pretty much like any present I get, the only thing I am particular about is diary/planners as most people are I guess. Because of that I normally buy my planner in about October/November and last year I ended up with two diaries as my mum had also bought one for me, so I ended up using the one my mum got me to track my placement hours and miles.

Favourite Christmas quote?
I love snow for the same reason I love Christmas: it brings people together while time stands still.

Share the love?
I would love for anyone that wishes to complete this tag or if you have already completed this tag, be sure to leave me your links in the comments below!

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Blogmas ~ Peppermint Nutella Hot Chocolate

It's about time for another Blogmas post, however this time I thought I would start doing some Christmas food/drink posts. What a better time to have indulgent and delicious food and drinks?!! 

In my family we don't really tend to make this type of hot chocolate until December has truly come, I guess you could say this is one of our Christmas traditions. Normally most people in my family make it without the peppermint addition but I love adding it as it makes me feel super Christmasy and it tastes delicious!

To make these gorgeous hot chocolates you will need:

  • Any type of milk you fancy ~ You can use dairy, soy, almond and vanilla rice milk. I love making it with soy milk instead of dairy milk as it makes it so much creamier.
  • Nutella
  • Candy Canes
  • Whipped Cream
  • Marshmallows (optional)

  • Measure out how much milk you need - I just pour the milk straight into the mug that I am going to use and then just pour it straight into the saucepan.
  • Heat it gently on a low heat (you can do this step in the microwave cup by cup, just be careful. I've had some many cups of milk that have exploded in my microwave!).......make sure to keep an eye on it so it doesn't burn!
  • Once your milk is warmed through break up half of a candy cane and whisk this into the milk, I find it easier to add the candy cane in at this step as it's easier to tell that its all blended in. It also turns your milk a pink colour which is super cute and genuinely amazed me when it first happened (easy to fool I know!).
  •  Then add as much nutella as you want! I would suggest you add them one spoonful at a time (it just helps it blend easier!), I used 3 teaspoons of nutella and it was the perfect amount as neither the candy cane or nutella overpowered the other!
  • To make it truly indulgent you can add some marshmallows to the bottom of your cup before you pour in your hot chocolate (little tip I picked up from Thorntons!), then as you pour your hot chocolate the marshmallows melt perfectly into the hot chocolate for that extra bit of luxury.
  • If you are truly skilled or have a saucepan with a lip, pour your hot chocolate straight into your mug. If not haven't quite mastered that skill yet like me, use a ladle and try and get most of it in the mug! 
  • Top with whipped cream until your hearts content, put on a Christmas film, get your blanket out and enjoy!

What's your favourite Christmas drink?

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Danielle Levy

My Favourite Winter Lip Colours

This week I seem to have suffered from a bit of a blog slump, it may not seem like it from the other side of the screen as while I was off uni I managed to write and schedule a bunch of posts. However now that I'm back at uni I find myself stuck on lifestyle posts to write, it's so much easier to write nursing posts whilst having lectures on all things nursey!!

The one big plus about being back in university till after Christmas is I can essentially wear whatever make-up I fancy! Because of that I decided to show you guys the lip colours I have been loving during autumn and winter.

This is the gorgeous plum coloured lip balm is called Damson Plum from ESPA Skincare, it was part of a set they put together for summer (they also have a winter version), I think the set was called Get Lippy. I love this lip balm as it's super moisturising whilst giving a sheer plum tint to my lips.

I picked this lipstick up when I went to get a new eyebrow powder, this is Liqueur by Sleek. It's a deep nude pink and is one of the creamiest lipsticks I've ever used! This is one of my go-to lipsticks when I don't want to think about what to put my lips but don't want to go bare-lipped.

This is a new favourite this autumn and winter as well and was actually a free gift when you spend a certain amount in Superdrug. The Glitter Me range from Sleek is perfect for winter and all the festivities around Christmas, it's also the perfect alternative to a bold red lip. It's a red lipgloss with red glitter within it. It also wears off really nicely, I was left with a nice subtle red tint to my lips after the gloss had gone.   

I was actually gifted this lipstick when I attended the Northwest blogger event, it is by W7 and is their full colour lipstick in Sandpiper. This lipstick is so creamy and smooth to apply, it's an opaque but bright blue-toned pink that I am falling in love with.

I bought these L'Oreal lipsticks back when they were doing them for £3 each when they were having their 30th anniversary. I never normally buy matte lipsticks but I am loving these two this winter. The first is number 640 Erotique which is a deep matte pink lipstick and it lasts amazing well!

The second one is 430 Mon Jules which again is another matte shade from L'Oreal. It is a much deeper purple/pink shade. This is totally one of those vampy shade that I never normally go this dark, however ever since I bought this lipstick I have been in love with the deep pink/purple shades ever since! 

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End of Student Nurse Bursaries


If you have lived under a rock and haven't been on any form of social media, you may not have heard about the end of bursaries for student nurses. I thought it was about time I talked about it on here!

Last week it was announced by George Osbourne that whilst the NHS would be getting a budget increase of £3.8bn in 2016/17, student nurses (among other student allied health professionals) would see the end of free education and student bursaries. If you didn't know up until next year all student nurses were entitled to free tuition fees as well as a £1000 non-assessed bursary. Some students were also eligible for a means-tested bursary and a reduced rate student loan. 

Their aim behind axing the student bursaries and free tuition is.......

To boost the numbers of student nurses joining the NHS workforce?!!

I have spent the last week looking at what all of the current and future students have been saying on social's not pretty!! I reached out to some of them on Twitter and this is what they had to say.....

                                                                          Dr SLJ                                                                                   

I also spoke to Louise from Keep the Bursary on Twitter, she said that several students (including mature students) have opened up to her saying that they are not going to be able to afford further mental health nursing degrees. Another student mentioned that as a single parent of a young child in full-time nursery, she would not be able to complete her nursing degree without the financial support of the bursary. 

I am currently a 3rd year student nurse, I should (all fingers crossed) finish my nursing degree in September and graduate in a years time. By the end of my degree I will have completed at least 3,200 hours in placement. Throughout my three years at uni, I have completed 7 placements that have been between 8-12 weeks long. Since my first placement I have worked 37.5 hours a week without any sickness. I don't get sick pay if I'm not well and have to miss a shift, I have to make the time up which adds an extra day working. I work earlies, lates, 12 hour days, 14 hour days, and nights.......I work the same work schedule as my registered nurse mentor. A registered nurse that earns £ 21,692 a year, that is £11.09 an hour. Ever since my first placement of my second year I have had my own patients, I have been the 'main nurse' for my patients with my mentor supervising me. That equals to £4,990 in just one 12 week placements! 

As third year student nurse so much more is expected of you, you are looked at like another staff nurse on the team and to rightly because in 6 months time we will be! With that comes responsibilities....
  • I have sat with a wife after she heard her husband has been told that his cancer has returned and is more aggressive. I've been able to answer her questions as well as giving her someone she can just cry to because she wanted to be strong for her husband. 
  • I gave someone who could no longer care for themselves independently their dignity back by spending 45 minutes assisting them as they had a bath, something they haven't been able to do with minimum assistance for a while. 
  • I have sat and calmed a patient while they were delirious during their death. 
  • I have comforted sons and daughters after they have sat and watched their mother take their final breathes. 
  • I have shown small acts of compassion by bringing a sweet tea to relatives that are utterly grief stricken.
  • I have shown respect for patients independence and their routines by simply bringing them tea and toast, something they would usually have before bed and haven't felt they could ask for.
  • I have sat and spoke to a patient for an hour about their fears and things that made feel them anxious.
  • I have missed countless family occasions because I was in placement.
  • I have woken up at 4.30am and not returned home till 11pm at night while being on placement.
  • I have worked so many night shifts and erratic shift patterns, it would make George Osbourne and Jeremy Hunt's head spin.  
  • I go to placement early and leave late because for me this is not a job, this is my vocation and my calling. 

I am a 22 year old student nurse that comes from a one-parent, low-income family that will start my career on a salary of about £21,600 a year. I graduate next December, when I graduate I will finish will roughly £6,000 worth of debt. However if I didn't start my degree when I did and was receiving the loans that my younger brother does, I would finish my degree with roughly £45,000 worth of debt. The idea of leaving my degree with nearly £50,000 worth of debt is just absolutely crushing and appalling, that is the equivalent to nearly 2 and a half years salary! 

I think the way the end of the student bursaries has been announced is very disjointed, we were told that they would be replaced with loans but I've not really found any other information about the funding replacement other than student loans. I will say if they were to be replaced with the funding my little brother is currently getting whilst completing his IT degree, I would feel better. I won't lie I would end up with WAY more debt than I will finish university with at the end of next year, however I may have been able to spend my three years during my degree not having to that really worth all the debt though?!!

It may sound like I have just said "I" a lot in this blog post, but without my NHS bursary, I would not be able to afford to do any of this for my patients. I would not be able to do what I job. What is sad is they will think they will get away with this because we are all so caring and compassionate to our patients. They need to know we will not be pushed down and ignored, they tried to walk over the junior doctors and we all stood up and fought for what was it's our turn to stand up and shout, they cannot push up down and decide things that will impact us and they haven't even been on the front line and experienced it! 

I invite George Osbourne and Jeremy Hunt to join me on my next placement, come and spend a couple of hours with me (cause we all know you wouldn't do a whole 14 hour shift) and let me show you just how much you've got it wrong, let me show you just how hard I work and what a difference I make to my patients for £2.04 an hour!

One thing that has crossed my mind and is truly sad and should be considered, is due to these cut backs you are likely to deter some of the most caring, compassionate and dedicated student nurses that would go on to be truly inspirational staff nurses......but they won't because they simply cannot afford to train!!! 

Believe in yourself and all that you are. Know that there is something inside of you that is greater than any obstacle.   

Danielle Levy

Blogmas ~ My Favourite Christmas Films

It's officially December and that means it's time to put up the Christmas decorations, pull out the cheesy Christmas jumpers and put on the Christmas films on! I thought while I am busy decorating my house, I would tell you all my favourite Christmas films that I love to watch during December....Yes I am the person that watches Christmas films nearly everyday in December and I love it!!

My absolute favourite has got to be (drum roll).......Love Actually! This is practically a Christmas tradition in my house, especially for me to watch this film at the start of the Christmas season. In fact I only just watched it yesterday for the first time this Christmas. This film is one of those that is always on British telly during December and its one that makes you feel all fuzzy with love and happiness when you watch it, this never fails to get me in the Christmas spirit even when I'm having grinch days (we all have them, you know you do!)!

How could I do a Christmas movie post without putting this bad boy in here?!! Elf has got to be one of the top films for pretty much everyone. It's a film that I've seen everyone children and adults sit round the telly and watch, it's just that good! I find that its got some great adult humor that you pick up on. I love watching this in bed on Christmas Eve as it totally gets me in the spirit for Christmas the next day!!

Four Christmases is a hilarious film that shows the reality of visiting family on Christmas! Vince Vaughn and Reese Witherspoon are super funny in films independently, but together they just make this film hilarious with wrestling brothers, crying babies and bouncy castles it's an awesome alternative from traditional Christmas films.

This is another great funny Christmas film, me and my family have always watched Christmas with the Kranks every year together as a family with snuggly blankets and hot chocolates! Tim Allen and Jamie Lee Curtis are just super funny in this film, for anyone that's seen it all I need to say is Botox Face & Spray Tan!! It's definitely worth checking out this Christmas season, and it's not a typical Christmas that is more targeted to a younger family which is great.

Home Alone is the traditional Christmas film that I think everyone in the world watches during Christmas. We randomly only have the second one on dvd for some reason, but it has just come onto Nextflix and is constantly on telly every year so I always get the chance to watch all of them. Christmas really wouldn't be the same without watching the Home Alone films!

What are your favourite films during Christmas time?

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