Taking Shape Personal Styling Experience

A couple of weeks ago Sally the assistant manager for Taking Shape Southport sent me an email inviting me to come into store last week and experience their personal styling sessions that they offer free of charge for all customers, it could not have come at a more perfect time as 2 days later I had the Liverpool Blogger Event to attend!

For anyone that has never been to Southport before, to me I thought it looked like what Brighton might look like (I've never been to Brighton however, so I could be completely wrong!). When I arrived at the store I was met by Sally and her two lovely colleagues (who I feel so terrible and have forgotten their names, that's what lectures since 9am does to your brain!). Once I had met Sally and we'd had a little chat, I got the chance to see the outfit she had picked out for me after asking what a typically tend to go for as well as the colours I tended to reach for and felt comfortable in.

Sally talked me through the clothes she had picked out for me and made some outfit suggestions that she thought you work great for me, I loved that even though I had said that I prefer tops and fitted trousers (e.g. skinny jeans) she still picked a dress out for me to try and see if I liked! I was totally surprised with just how many options she picked out for me, I'd never been given that many before normally it's one or two, three max.

It was great that Sally talked me through the different options but then gave me my space to try on, think through all the items, and split them into different outfits to try. I have been to several stores (which shall remain nameless) that you barely get the chance to get your clothes off and start trying the options on and sales assistants are jumping down your throat asking what you think of them. 

Once I'd tried some clothes on and came out to have a look in the larger mirror with different lighting and that was when Sally came over and asked what I thought of the clothes, gave me suggestions and offered some jewellery that would pair nice with the shirt and trousers I'd picked.  

Taking Shape is a brand that caters for all shapes and sizes as well as all different ages. Some of the pieces appealed to an older audience whilst a lot of the pieces I was able to style it up to suit me. Here's a sneak peak at some of the bits I picked out to wear to the Liverpool blogger event, I am doing a post about the event on Friday so you will all get to see how I styled up the outfit and how it looks on me!

Take pride in how far you have come and have faith in how far you can go!
Danielle Levy

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