Liverpool Blogger Event

Last week I got the chance to attend the Liverpool Blogger event with Danielle from Mylilyotv. If any of you guys followed me on social media back in the summer you will know that I just missed out on getting a ticket to the last one as I only found out about the event days before it was due to happen. Luckily this time round me and Danielle got our tickets months ago (I think it may have been the end of August/early September)! 

The event was organised by the lovely Jenny Dawson from Secret Beauty Box and it was held in the Fruit & Fibres Canteen & Craft Workshop. If you haven't been here before, you need to get your bottom down there!! It's a great space that is basically a bloggers/Instagrammers dream with all the decorations dotted around. 

Myself and Danielle got there a few minutes late as we had one of the strangest taxi drivers that didn't seem to know where the road was so we drove round for a little while till we eventually just got out and walked to the venue. When we arrived we were met by Jenny who gave us our badges with our name, blog URL and it also had a QR code that led everyone straight to our blogs (such a cool idea!).

After we'd all got the chance to chat and meet some new people (I, of course ran into the lovely Kiah that I met at NWmeet as soon as I walked in the door, it was so nice to catch up with her again in person!). 

We then got a lovely introduction from Jenny and the owners of Fruit & Fibres telling us about the canteen and Jenny gave us a run down of what was going to happening over the day. We had loads of amazing things to fit into 4 hours!!

First up we had a talk from Andrea from MyShowcase which is a business that sells over 40 different brands, from luxury to higher end high street style products. To do this they use networking stylists that allow women to create their own flexible businesses that they shape around their family and lifestyle. They do everything from make-up bags, make-up, skincare, candles and gifts that you can order from online, from a stylist party that you can hold in the comfort of your own home and you can also become a stylist yourself. Andrea was really generous and held a raffle with an amazing gift basket filled up with MyShowcase products.

After our talk from Andrea, the lovely Tiffany from Stella & Dot told us all about the company and the different collections of accessories they have at the moment. Their accessories are luxurious and affordable whilst being hypoallergenic and nickel-free. Tiffany talked to us about the Artisan collection which if you buy a scarf from the collection they donate the same value to the charity Women's Aid. If you haven't heard about Women's Aid, it's a charity that was started within the UK 40 years ago that is working to end domestic violence against women and children.

Next up the lovely Sally from Taking Shape Southport got up and talked about the company as well as their styling experiences and parties they offer in store. I have written a full blog post about Taking Shape as Sally kindly offered me to come into store and experience the styling experience and pick up an outfit to wear to the blogger event. I unfortunately didn't get any pictures of her talk as she got me up there to show off my outfit so I will show you my OOTD for the event.

Here's my outfit from Taking Shape: 
Jacket ~ Celia Jacket
Blouse ~ Ember Glow Blouse
Trousers~ Give It To Me Straight Trousers
Necklace ~ Glad To Pearl It Necklace
Boots ~ Matalan

We also had a talk from Hannah from Motive Cosmetics. If you have never heard of it like I hadn't before the event, it is an amazing cosmetics brand that has come over from America and has the most gorgeous eyeshadow colours known to women-kind!! Hannah ran a competition before the event to win the Maven's eyeshadow palette and the lucky Jenny won which is such a nice prize for all her amazing work getting the event ready and organised!

We also got the chance to get a skincare masterclass from the lovely Megan and Jonathon 'Keeping it green on the soap scene!' from Lush Spa Liverpool. On the day Megan and Jonathon were raising money for the Choir with No Name and all the money from products sold and the money from the raffles has gone to them. One lucky blogger on the day got the chance to have one of their facials and she looked so relaxed the entire time! They also let us know that they do make-your-own face masks/bath bombs which is amazing, I had absolutely no idea you could get the chance to do that in the Liverpool store.

In the skincare masterclass they used the Ultrabland cleanser, which they very gratefully gave us all a little sample to try out at home. They also showed us the Don't Look At Me face mask, which you definitely cannot's bright blue!! It's a great mask due to all the moisturising ingredients and inside it has a little bead like ingredient (it's not beads, it's an environmentally friendly version) that help to give your face a light exfoliation when you rub it off.

After the masterclass we got the opportunity to make our own bracelet thanks to Brittany from Noctua. Prior to the event Brittany got in touch and asked us all which semi-precious stone we would to make our bracelet from and on the day we all got the choice whether we wanted our bracelet to wrap round once or twice. You have never heard a quieter group of bloggers than when you give them little stones and beads to thread onto a bit of bendy plastic!!! Here's how mine and Danielle's bracelets turned out....

After jewellery workshop before we all disappeared into what became a very dark afternoon, Jenny drew the raffle that several brands had donated prizes for. Danielle won the nicest smelling soy candle from Taking Shape!

As we all left for the train and buses Jenny said goodbye to us on the way out and gave an amazing goody bag which I am going to do another seperate post on as this is probably getting really long now!

I had such an amazing time at this event and got to meet so many amazing bloggers. I'm super excited for the next event in Liverpool!!

What we have done for ourselves alone, dies with us:
What we have done for others and the world, remains and is immortal.
Danielle Levy


  1. It was such a great event! And you're right - everyone was so quiet whilst making the bracelets. I managed to get a photo of you during Sally's speech if you would like me to send it?

    1. It was such a lovely location as well!! Haha me and Danielle noticed as soon as everyone got their beads out a united silence seemed to happen. You could feel the concentration! Ooo yes please if you've got one, my email is :)

      Danielle xx

  2. It was so lovely to get to chat - shame it wasn't for very long!

    We'll have to have a proper catch up soon!

    This is such a lovely post, I'm glad you had a good time :)

    Kiah x

    1. I know we need to find some amazing food places and catch up!! It was so great to see you again after NWmeet. Hope your looking forward to your lush treatment!

      Danielle xx

  3. I love that we were at the same event and didn't even really meet!