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A couple of weeks ago I got the chance to attend the Liverpool Blogger event hosted by Jenny Dawson of Secret Beauty Box, as we were leaving Jenny handed out these large red bags to everyone that smelt amazing. I couldn't wait to get home and see that amazing goodies Jenny had managed to get for us, I feel super thankful to these lovely goodies as they are such a lovely touch to a great day. However I have heard people knock down events and blogger days due to the fact they weren't given goody bags with free gifts in at the end of the event/day, I can honestly say I am doing this post to show how hard Jenny worked to get us treats and how thankful I am that we were given these things!

First up we got such a great goody bag from Lush. The lovely Megan and Jonathon gave us all a skincare masterclass on the day, they then gave us some goodies to try out at home. I was lucky enough to get a pot of the self-preserving mask of magnaminty as well as samples of 9 to 5 and ultrabland cleanser. I couldn't help using mask of magnaminty days after the event, I've been dying to try this mask for ages and it's even better that it's naturally self-preserving so it lasts for even longer!

We also got a little goody bag from MooGoo, it's an Australian based company that I had never heard of before the event. I got a sample of the How Now Brown Cow gradual tanning full cream, which just has the cutest name I think I've ever seen! I've never used false tanner but I really need to start using some sort of false tanner as I have the PALEST legs known to the human kind. I also got a full size of the skin milk udder cream which is incredibly generous of them to send. This is one of their original products that started their company off and was originally used on cow's udders to keep them in top condition, they then adapted for human skin to be used on babies or adults skins. It helps promote skin elasticity and leaves it feeling amazing!

I also got a sample of the BeeGood honey & propolis cream cleanser with a small muslim cloth, BeeGood were really generous and sponsored a gift in the raffle as well as giving us all these samples of their cleanser which smells so good! I got a sample of this in my goody bag from the NWmeet that I still need to use up but I am so happy to have two samples as I like to cycle in my skincare products to stop my skin getting too used to a certain product.

Taking Shape came on the day and kindly offered me an outfit to wear on the day, they also gave everyone a nail file and holder in the goody bags as well as 20% for ourselves and a friend. I love getting nail files in holders as they are super useful as they don't rub off on everything in your handbag.

Crabtree & Evelyn very kindly gave us some hand creams, I got given the Nantucket Briar scent which gives intense hydration. It has a slight floral /talc-y scent, but it's so moisturising and absorbs super quickly! I love these type of containers for hand cream cause you can get out every little bit as you can roll it to push the hand cream to the very top. 

At the bottom of our bags there was a small box and then a bigger box from DermaV10, they had designed us a blog post in a box with several of their products for us to test out and review for our lovely readers. One thing I'm really intrigued to try is their Make-off Mitt, which you apparently just add water and you can wash off your make-up without the need for a cleanser or make-up remover. Part of me is slightly skeptical but I am going to keep an open mind and give it a go and see how it turns out. I've noticed as soon as I took it out the box that it's on the small side, I have fairly small hands and it fits me perfectly, if you've got slightly longer hands it's something to be mindful of. 

Inside the bigger box came 4 products that were all different, which is good because I don't think any two bloggers got the same products to review. Inside my box was the rejuventating night cream, the moisturising multi radiance cream (not entirely sure how to use this one, I think it's kind of similar to a day moisturiser), the light tinted eye roll on, and their strawberry body butter which smells soo good! I have so many body butters to get through at the moment but I'm going to rotate this one in as I really just want to smell like a giant strawberry.

We were also kindly given some codes to get money off with certain shops. Hoobynoo world gave us 10% off our next purchase online, Cheerz gave us a code to create a free cheerz box (I still have a code from Cheerz to use up from my last blogger meet, really need to get on that!), we were also kindly given a 30% off code for which have some really great handmade hair pieces.

Nurses don't wait until October to celebrate Make a Difference day, they make a difference everyday.

Danielle Levy

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