AA Skincare Prize

A couple of weeks ago I couldn't believe my luck....I'd actually won a twitter re-tweet competition! Anyone that knows me, knows that I'm not the one that naturally seems to win everything. Normally I'm the person that knows the one who wins everything. 

The competition was with AA Skincare, which if you've never heard they are a UK-based company that use essential oils and natural ingredients to make great products at affordable prices. Their products can be used by everyone from young, teenage skin to mature and sensitive skin. They have a product for practically everything and you can find all these amazing products and all the information behind each product here.

I was mid-lecture when I got the exciting notification on my phone from Twitter that I had won the competition they were running for the chance to win their Natural Remedy Kit. These retail for £19.50 if you would like to get one, they would make great little Christmas presents!

These kits come packaged in pillow shaped boxes, with the AA Skincare logo embossed on the front. As soon as you open these bad boys they smell amazing, all of the essential oils greet you when you simply just open the side of the box. Inside it comes with plenty of little paper strips inside to keep your goodies protected.....then you get to the good stuff!!

In the Natural Remedy Kit you get 3 little boxes that include their Lavender gel, Arnica Gel and Tea Tree Gel. Everything comes in super cute colour coded packaging, which also transfers onto the bottles/containers. 

The Lavender gel is a calming multipurpose gel that is soothing and antiseptic. AA Skincare say that it has so many different uses but can be best used for calming and soothing irritated, inflamed, and unhappy skin. I love the antiseptic element to it which makes it great for use during any acne breakouts. Within it it has lavender, chamomile oil, and comfrey extract which gives it so many uses. AA also state that it can be used for insect bites, sunburn, skin irritations, cuts, abrasions and it can also be used across your forehead to relieve any headaches which is super useful for me.....hours on the computer and looking at books and essays often gives you multiple headaches!

Next up was the Arnica gel, they class this as one of their first aid essential that is anti-inflammatory and soothing. It can be used by anyone over the age of 3 and is used typically to reduce bruising which is perfect for me as I'm constantly bumping into things and I seem to bruise pretty badly, pretty easily. It also works as a natural pain reliever for any strains or sprains, so I'm planning to use it on some upper back pain I have due to nature's gift of a full chest. I will keep you guys updated on how I get on with it. It includes calendula extract, goldenrod extract, glycerin, and st john's wart to help with the anti-inflammatory properties. 

The last item in the kit is the Tea Tree gel which is their natural anti-fungal. This is used to keep skin clear of blemishes without drying out the skin. To contribute to the non-drying properties of the gel, AA have added borage and calendula as well as honey extract which help moisturise the skin on every application. They also state that it can be used to help heal issues like cold sores, athlete's foot and fungal nail infections as well as calming insect bites.

I'm super excited to try out these products, so keep your eyes peeled for some reviews coming in the near future.

Being a nurse is not all glamour and high fashion, but it is always rewarding!

Danielle Levy


  1. I own few AA skincare products and I do like them a lot! Lucky you for winning this great set .


    1. Ooo this makes me even more excited to try them out! Thank you :)

      Danielle xx