Time to get organised! My new Erin Condren life planner

This post appeals to my fellow stationary addicts out there.....yes I know you're there and if you're doubting if you're a stationary addict have a look in your drawers, pencil case, purse I'm guessing you've probably got plenty of different coloured pens, post-it notes etc. 

So I finally picked up my planner for 2016 and have been lusting after this planner for; I am not joking a year now and I finally picked one up for this next year. I must say I am super impressed with their processing and shipping, this arrived 2 days after it was supposed to have been shipped and I was able to find out exactly where it was if I worried it was taking a while with the tracking they use with every shipping!

How cute is this packaging? Turquoise boxes with pink wrapping tissue?! When I opened it there was a inspirational postcard and sticker as well as a free promotional code for my first order and a couple of birthday/present labels on the inside. 

Underneath the enjoy sticker, everything was wrapped with thick bubble wrap to keep it well protected (nice touch!), inside my order was all tucked up. The first thing I found were my Keep It Together bands which help keep the planner closed, super handy if you're out and about. Also at the moment whenever you order from Erin Condren, all orders get this free gift quote card and over a certain amount (I think its $100) it comes framed for you!  

There was one thing that inspired me to pick up my life planner when I did, that was the above interchangeable cover. The one above is for breast cancer awareness with 50% of the money being donated to Boarding for Breast Cancer, I loved this quote and just had to pick it up as I thought it might disappear after the month of October! I also picked up some blank stickers to push myself into the sticker world, although I did think that I would have got more than one sheets, not sure why!

And the grand finale is the planner itself...I only picked up the 12 month planner in the horizontal layout, which I am in love with and cannot wait to start using. Keep your eyes peeled for future posts next year on how I use it!

How do you guys use your planners, any tips and tricks I should know?

Danielle Levy

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