Life Rambles ~ Dissertation, Blogger Events, and Academic Writing

So last month were my first lectures as a 3rd and final year student nurse and I sat down yesterday to make my list of assignments, all I could think was WOW I have a hell of a lot of work to do by Christmas (you'll be able to see all I get up to on my twitter and instagram!), so I thought I would do a rambly type of post.

Even though I am super excited for Christmas to be here as well come on it's Christmas!! I also have the Liverpool blogger event during November, that I'm excited to catch up with all the girls again. I also think it'll be great as at the end of November I have to have my dissertation draft to be in, so I think it'll be great motivation and give me a much needed break.

That being said a massive, very stressful thing due before Christmas is my 6,000 word dissertation which my first draft needs to be in by the end of November if I want feedback on the whole thing. It's very stressful as we have 4/5 weeks to write 6,000 words and we have just started our dissertation meetings, so if I suddenly disappear from any and all social media and my blog that may be why! That being said anyone that has written their dissertation and has any super helpful tips please please please leave them below or send them to my email!!! It has been about 5 months since I've written anything academic (thank you placements!), so it is taking some time to get back into (I know it sounds silly but when you spend 5 months writing blog posts, you can slip out of academic writing quite easily!).

I think I might start doing these life rambles posts a bit more regularly as they're quite cathartic and pressure relieving as you can get everything out on a page!  

Our role is not only to heal patients heal physically, but spiritually and emotionally. Since we are with them for 12 hours a day, our attitude has to be its best. 

Danielle Levy


  1. Good luck with your dissertation, i've just started studying again and am finding it a little difficult but at least it relates to work! Blogging and working really sucks!

    1. Thanks so much, I officially have 22 days till the draft submission. I feel like I'm getting there, everyone in my cohort is just stressing about it! :(

      Ooo good luck with your studies. It is hard to blog while doing intense courses as they both take up so much time individually!

      Danielle xx