Changing of the Leaves

October is finally here which means we are well into autumn and it's finally time to dig out the jumpers, tights, and ankle boots! So to kick off autumn and the start of some more autumnal posts on my blog I thought I would tell you guys all my favourite things about autumn/winter!

Here are some of the things I love during autumn:~

Cold weather (yes I am a winter baby!)

Hot chocolates

Pumpkin Spiced Lattes in lectures

Duvet days with Netflix with rain outside

Autumn leaves in the tree and covering the ground

Dog walks in the brisk cold weather


Christmas & Halloween LUSH items

Cosy socks


Maroon, Khaki, and Burnt orange clothes!

Having the fire on at night

The countdown to getting the Christmas decs out!!

The possibility of snow


Bundling up in scarves, hats and gloves

Cosy fluffy Pjs

Having more bubble baths (I prefer showers in the summer!)

Fireworks (even though my dog is terrified of them :(. )

Dark mornings and evenings


Being able to see my breath

Winter coffee flavours

There are just a couple of things that I love about autumn and I can't wait to start digging out my all my cosy jumpers and pjs!

What do you guys love about autumn?

Danielle Levy

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