Smudge Boutique A/W Preview

Last week I was lucky enough to be able to attend an autumn/winter preview at Smudge boutique in West Kirby. I remember when I use to work in a restaurant in West Kirby, I always loved to pop in and get some fashion inspiration, I also loved picking up little gifts for people in there as well.

I met up with Hannah from Pull Yourself Together beforehand on the train, it was so nice to have someone there that you already knew! If you have read my blog before you know that I hate to be late, so me and Hannah ended up arriving about 20 minutes before the event actually started (we weren't the only ones that turned up early when we looked inside). When we 'officially' went inside we were met by Lauren and Phoebe from Chic PR with a glass of prosecco, welcomed inside and told to look around at all the new stock. 

Even outside Smudge myself and Hannah fell in love with all the clothing in the window display, as well as several bags and shoes. Once inside I fell in love with the coat above as well as the cape below for A/W 15 if only my tiny student budget would cover them!

Inside the front half of the shop there is a beautiful table and vintage chest of drawers type unit that are covered in beautiful unique pieces of jewellery and gifts.

Myself and Hannah fell in love with these shoes from Supertrash, that we dubbed as the Carrie Bradshaw shoes that everyone should have in their wardrobe! 

Towards the back of the shop there is a little almost hidden corridor that leads to another room which contains some of their Wildfox clothing as well as the changing area where they actually offer styling sessions (you will see some images below of girls they have styled up below), they do all of this for free. I would definitely recommend popping in for one as they are great for pushing your style boundaries and making you try something you wouldn't normally!

I loved these pictures that were up in the little 'hidden' corridor and am so in love with them, I might have to copy the idea and do something similar when I get my own place. 

The night was hosted by Elli Philips from Juice FM. She was super friendly and her outfit was amazing, everything she was wearing is from Smudge boutique. Throughout the whole night Elli was talking to everyone and getting them to join in on a competition they were holding that night, unfortunately I had to leave before the competition was announced so I couldn't find out what the lovely winner got. 

During the night Elli interviewed the owners of Smudge who are the lovely Alison, Lauren and Carina. During the night they mentioned the ethos of their store was that you should not be refined to certain fashions because of your age, you should be able to have amazing style and fashion no matter what your age or budget! They even had a mini fashion showcase that showed their top A/W pieces which all the girls looked stunning in.

There was also had styling sessions on some of three different A/W outfits, I never would have thought to put a crop jumper over a shirt with a faux fur coat over the top!

Before it reached that time when we all had to head off in our different A/W inspired directions we were each given one of these lovely goody bags, they even had little polka dot bows on the front! 

Inside my goody bag I received:~

  • Ortigia Olive Oil Soap ~ This stuff smells amazing and looks so cute, it even has the company logo set into the soap. I have been dying to use this stuff in the shower but I've had to wait till I photographed it!
  • Lily Soy Candle ~ This mini candle smells amazing and retails for £2.00, they are perfect for little gifts for anyone or to even fill out a present as they have so many different scents.
  • Beck, Sonder & Gaard tote bag ~ Super handy for my third year studies as I am going to need to carry multiple books for dissertation and modules, this will save my arms at the end of the day!
  • VIP offers & chocolates ~ Always nice to be given chocolates to munch on on the way home!

I had a great time at this event, I got introduced to some amazing brands and came away brimming with fashion inspiration for A/W so keep your eyes peeled for outfit posts on here or on my social media! I'd like to say a massive thank you to Chic PR & Smudge Boutique for inviting me.

Danielle Levy


  1. The event looks fab! Glad you had a great time.

    Laura x |

    1. Thanks hun! It's so nice to meet other bloggers and get the opportunity to be invited to such amazing events :)

      Danielle xx