Prairie Pizzazz Luau Party Box

This month I got the opportunity to be part of the Prairie Charms blogging team for their boxes that they are releasing. Each box costs £35, with over £75 worth of products inside. 10% of each box also goes towards Great Ormond Street Hospital's: Kiss It Better campaign which raises money to fight childhood cancer.

My box arrived on last Thursday and I could just about hold back my excitement to open it all up and look at everything to take pictures! The theme of this box is Luau Party, which is really cute and so adapt for summer. One last BBQ luau party before we all go back into autumn/winter clothes!

This is my first subscription type box that isn't a Graze box and I think it is an amazing way to try out brands but also a way to try products you might not have gone and bought yourself in the shops! 

All the Prairie Charms products are handmade and all of the products are 'girly, floral, quirky, and whimsical'. Inside the pizza style box (such a cute detail), all the items are wrapped in tissue with little sparkly decorations scattered throughout the box. Once you open the tissue (really, really carefully if you are anything like me!) you find the super cute flamingo card that has all the products included in your box with the retail prices as well as a card with all the bloggers that are included in the blogging team. It also includes 8 special bloggers with be featured on one side with their blog headers in each box with all the other lovely ladies are all on the back, I was lucky enough that in this box I was featured with my header on the side of the card where 8 bloggers are featured! 

Each box is personalised to the individual to make it extra special, something to bear in mind if you are considering getting one and are probably reading a ton of these posts (much like I do when I'm considering buying something!). 

My box contained:~
  • Caterina 'No Snag' Knot Ties £7.00 ~ I love these style hair ties as I find these don't leave bumps in my hair after I take my hair out, they also look super cute on your wrist! I mean, come on who would rather have a plain hair tie than a mint green lace one?!
  • Acadia Tropical Punch Drink Set £5.00 ~ I'm really excited to try this one out as I've never tried Kool-Aid before, they don't sell it within the UK. I might make it with sweetener instead of sugar to make it a bit healthier, however I'm looking forward to trying the peach mango flavour. To carry on the luau party theme it has a flamingo drink decoration as well as paper straws that look like bamboo canes!
  • Hana Bow Tie Scrunchie £7.50 ~ Now I have never owned a scrunchie in my life, so I guess I'll probably use this like a hair decoration. For instance, put my hair in a bun with a regular hair tie and then put this over the top to add a pop of colour to my outfit! The one I received is a teal tie-dye effect with gold glitter, a great colour for summer but would also be great in autumn to brighten up a dark outfit. 
  • Paloma Vintage Bead Drop Anklet £12.00 ~ I have never owned an anklet because everyone I try seems to be too big for my ankles that I have to wrap it round twice for it to fit properly, I love the colour of the gemstone it's a gorgeous blue-toned pink teardrop stone. 
  • Eda Bespoke Floral Lei £50.00 ~ These floral lei (or crowns) are amazing, I've never bought a floral crown or anything other than a simple headband so I am going to have to think about ways to style this! Ideas below would be greatly appreciated!! It is totally me though, constructed of lilac, white as well as light and deep pink roses.
  • Dakota Custom Nail Glitter £6.50 ~ I can't wait for placement to be finished so that I can paint my nails and use this for glitter tips. It's a coral and white glitter with hints of teal glitter in. Perfect for holding on to the last bits of summer!
  • Una Coconut S'more Snack Pack £3.50 ~ I'm also really excited to try these as I've tried to make my own DIY smores but never tried it with the actual graham crackers. They also include coconut marshmallows which I'm intrigued to see what it tastes like instead of normal marshmallows!
  • Faryn Hair Clip £5.00 ~ I love this decorative clip for summer as a little way to make it look like I've made an effort with my hair without doing all that much to it! The shell itself is a lovely lilac colour, perfect for me as most of my wardrobe is neutral colours which allows me to put colour into my outfit through accessories! 

In each pizzazz box there is a DIY project which goes along with the theme and allows you to get a bit more creative! In this box the DIY gift included is the Sweet As Honey Studio 'Make a Mess' confetti which includes bright coloured confetti pieces and a balloon which can be used to make your own confetti balloon or if you are allergic to balloons like I am (yes having a latex and vinyl allergy is such fun!), you can use it to decorate the backgrounds of your pictures or save it to add into cards or presents! You can even sprinkle it over a table before you put down drinks or bowls of food at your very own luau party!

Is the Pizzazz boxes something you guys would love to try out?!

Danielle Levy

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