Pain Relief Without Medication?!! Nurofen Heat Patches

I am one of those people that is literally falling apart at the seams, due to this I am constantly trying to find the next best thing that can help ease the pain without needing pain medication or smelling horrific (anyone that has used Deep Heat will know this smell really well).

Last week I got the chance to try out the latest heat patches that have been released by Nurofen. I wasn't entirely sure about these before they arrived as I thought they might be the ones that come with pain relief in them.

Once they arrived it really appealed to me as it contains natural minerals which react with air to create therapeutic heat (isn't it amazing what they can do in the way of healthcare nowadays?!) that lasts up to 8 hours. These babies come in 2 different sizes, regular or large depending on the size of the site of your pain. 

For the past 7 years, I have suffered massively with my knees to the point where I am on seriously strong painkillers and I can't sit with my knees in one position for long. I tend to use heat patches on my knees as non medicated pain relief, I also tend to use them on my days off as there is nothing more awkward than having to kneel down to do something and have a heat patch peel off. 

A downside is that they only come in a 2 pack for £5.15 and I have been putting one on each knee at a time; meaning I am using a whole pack at a time which as a student can get really costly. I've also found that the edges don't stick down very well, don't know if this differs depending on where about you stick it on your body though! In the the packet all I can think what it resembles is a tea bag (look at the picture above and tell me you don't see a teabag!!) 

After about 8 minutes of it being on my knee, I could feel the full heat on my leg. I must say even though you only get two in a pack, they are amazing for getting rid of pain. I trialed it with my left leg having the heat patch on (that is often the knee that is worse and gives me more pain) and the right with nothing on; the knee with the patch on has been completely pain free apart from the odd twinge, whilst the right knee most definitely was not!

If you are someone like me that suffers from chronic pain, I would definitely recommend them. I would also suggest that if you are a student like me; stock up on them whenever they go on offer!

Also from a nurse perspective I think these are great as if they can help with chronic join pain, it would reduce the need to regularly taking pain relief as these bad boys last for 8 hours and because they just have minerals in them if you get a sudden bout of pain that the patch isn't helping with, you can take a dose of ibuprofen/paracetamol without needing to set up to heavy duty pain relief! Just remember never to put these patches on somewhere that you are not easily able to take off or on someone that is not independently able to remove it themselves. 

If you want more information on how you can deal with muscular pain, follow the link to Nurofen. 

*The product supplied was a PR sample.
Danielle Levy

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