My 3rd Year Goals

On Monday I started back at university for my third and final year at university.....not going to lie I am absolutely terrified!!! To kind of celebrate that I thought I would do this post with some goals I want to set myself for this next year, think of it like New Year's resolutions for my nursing degree.

Put university first
Sometimes in the past I haven't been the best at this....yes I have left a few assignments to the last minute. This year I want to put my degree first over my job or social life, I have quite a few very large very important assignments and exams coming up this year which need to be my main focus.

Get organised
I am going to try everything in my power to improve my organisational skills this year. This includes university and my blog side, I want to be prepared and actual complete the things I set myself every week.

Weekly/Monthly goals
I want to try setting myself goals this year each week or each month in the hope it will improve my organisation and motivation.

As I'm sure is usual for school related posts, it can't be a school post without something related to grades. I want to try this year and get the best possible grades I can this year without stressing myself out.

Read more
I personally don't think I read enough so I am making it my goal to read more nursing related things, such as journal articles or studies. I want to do this to improve my knowledge and give myself more of a rationale as to why we do something a certain way and not just because that was what we were taught in uni!

Reward myself
I don't do this enough with everything I do, I have decided that this year if I get everything I need to do in a week or month (not entirely decided yet), I will reward myself with whatever I fancy that week/month.

Danielle Levy

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