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Last week I was tagged by the lovely Danielle of Mylilyotv to do the love/hate tag. This is a great tag as it tells all you lovely readers more about me as I list 10 things I love and 10 things I hate.


  1. Flowers - I love walking into anywhere that has fresh flowers as the whole house/building smells so nice and looks stunning. It also brightens up any room when there is a bunch of flowers there!
  2. Movie nights - Now I'm not one to go the cinema as I much prefer having movie nights at home as you can curl up in whatever comfy clothes you want to. You can grab a blanket or duvet, order pizza and have the snacks you could possibly want all in the next room. Best part is it is much cheaper than going to the cinema!
  3. Lie-ins - I don't often get lie ins with working in healthcare, a lie in for me tends to consist of me getting up before 9am. I tend to find when I am not on placement I can get a better lie in, however the second I go on and have to get up at 5am my body seems to decide I am no longer allowed to sleep in. 
  4. Doggie cuddles - I am a huge pet person and love nothing more getting home after a long shift and getting a cuddle off my doggy. The only problem is he malts EVERYWHERE no matter what the season or how much he is groomed!
  5. Stationary/Planners - Anyone that knows me knows I am a massive stationary freak, I love buying cute stationary or buying coloured pens. I also look forward to getting a new planner every year and filling it out each week as well decorating it with stickers! 
  6. Shopping - I would literally spend all my wages shopping and then I remember that I am a grown up and have bills I have to pay unfortunately!  
  7. Coke vanilla - Other than diet coke, this is the only other coke that I like. However I rarely drink it as it's obviously not the healthiest drink!
  8. Blankets - I am perpetually cold blooded so I love wrapping up in blankets, I think it's also a bit of a comfort thing! 
  9. Crime shows - I love watching crime shows, my latest loves are Criminal Minds and How To Get Away with Murder.
  10. Takeaways - I love having takeaways, I try not too have them too much as we all know how bad they are. They were always a Friday night treat for us in my house as my mum would work Friday evening. There's nothing better than coming home, getting in your comfies and not having to cook.  


  1. Being late - This is my number one pet hate, I really really really hate being late! I am that person that will turn up 20 minutes early rather than turn up even a couple of minutes late.
  2. Netflix UK - We recently got Netflix in my house and whilst I love it, I hate that when I talk to my friend in America they have sooo much more on their Netflix than we do in the UK. Come on Netflix take note, update your UK version with so much more choice! 
  3. Busy periods at the gym - When I get the chance to go the gym, I have to time it around the non-busy periods. I am that person that likes to get there, get my workout done and get gone! I also have set routines for when I'm in the gym, so there is nothing worse than not being able to do it as someone is hogging a machine. It's even worse if they have been sat there for 10 minutes on their phone and yes I have asked people if they're finished so far! 
  4. Not enough hours - I always feel like I need an extra 5 hours in the day to get everything I need completed.
  5. Pet hairs - Whilst I love my pets, I do hate that I am constantly covered in dog and cat hair. You can truly see who has animals just by looking at them. I genuinely have so many lint brushes it's unreal!
  6. Forgetting something - I write everything down, if I don't I always forget to do something and there is nothing worse than feeling like you have forgotten something but have no idea what it is!
  7. Flaky people - I like to be really organised (if you haven't guessed it by now) so I hate when I make plans with someone and then last minute they flake especially when you could have planned a bunch of other things, there is nothing more irritating!
  8. Pretty nails - The one downside to working in healthcare is not having pretty nails whilst on placement, I love being back in uni as I can have nice looking nails and I always feel my hands look more feminine when I have painted nails!
  9. Bad driving manners - I drive a lot due to my nature of work and my degree so I am on the road at all different hours and the worst thing is bad manners when someone is driving. I will clarify 'bad driving manners' is basically bad driving, things like someone cutting you up, deciding to pull out in front of you to where you have to completely slam on and I'm sure that list could go on and on! 
  10. Migraines/feeling tired - I am going to combine this one as they tend to happen when my injections stores in my body tend to be running low. Think of a day in your life when you could not have been any more tired, now times that by 5 and that's how tired I am when I due an injection. I also get extremely bad migraines where I am just rendered incapacitated and all I can do is lie under my duvet in a dark room with ear plugs in!

This was honestly a load harder than I thought it would be, I started writing this post thinking I really would just be able to reel off 10 things I loved and hated but it took some real thinking!

Thank you again to Danielle for nominating me to do this tag!

I am going to nominate Chelsea, Sarah, Sammy, Fiona, Amie, and anyone else that would like to have a go (be sure to leave the link in a comment if you do!).

Danielle Levy

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