July Favourites

Beauty Favourite
My goal this month was to get much better with taking off my makeup before bed (yes I don't always manage to take my makeup off before I fall asleep!), I have found that I am getting much better thanks to the Garnier miscellar water. It is so easy to take my makeup off with this stuff and best of all it doesn't sting when taking my eye makeup off. I have noticed it takes a little longer to get my waterproof Max Factor mascara off but it still gets it off!

Fashion Favourite
Where I live in the UK has had the weirdest weather ever this year, so much so that we've had rain and hot weather at the same time. This makes outfit choices impossible!! However this month I have been loving my faux croc effect slip on shoes. I got these ones in nude and a maroon/red colour and they are perfect for this weird sunny/rainy weather, as they keep my feet dry but they are an all-season type of shoe cause they look super cute in the summer with shorts or in the autumn all bundled up with jeans, a jumper and a scarf! 

Food Favourite
So last month I bought a box of quest nutrition bars off Amazon (that was simply the cheapest place to get them), I picked up the double chocolate chunk flavour and I am loving them. Yes they are protein bars so they are perfect after the gym but I also like having them if I am going to have a small meal but still want to get all my protein in for the day. I will say these have a taste that you do need to get used to, now I don't even noticed that slight protein taste and I actually prefer having one of these bars instead of having a protein shake after a workout!

Lifestyle Favourite
I know what you are going to say, this favourite is incredibly sad and it's probably more of a something I have been lusting after than maybe a favourite, but any stationary/organisational fan will start to look forward to what they are going to be planning their life in for next year. I have most definitely been lusting after an Erin Condren life planner for 2016, my lusting has also gotten worse when I found out they've brought out a horizontal layout!


What have you been loving during July?

Danielle Levy

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