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I've been quite lucky with my university in that they arrange for us to spend a day every year of our training at a local Liverpool hospital doing training with the simulation dolls that have in their education centre.

Each summer over our 3 years of training, we go and spend a day with the training team going through a variety of situations that involve a deteriorating patient and the steps to assess the patient to get the right treatment in an effective amount of time. 

In our first year, we spent the day getting to know the dummies that are used and learning our ABCDE with effective SBAR. We were then walked through a deterioration of a patient and the importance of recognising the signs. During our second year we were split into smaller groups of just nurses and had to care for a patient suffering from a cardiac arrest which required us to recognise the signs of the cardiac arrest as well as recognising the rhythm the patient was in and whether it was shockable or not. In the final year we do something similar but we are part of a MDT with other healthcare professionals and F1 doctors. 

This is honestly one of the best experiences and I feel so honoured that my university has set it up so that before we qualify we have had training in a safe environment in recognising a deteriorating patient and the steps needed to keep the patient safe and alive, all whilst done in a safe environment that allows us to make mistakes and learn without harming any patients.

I know that not every university does offer this, even when I have spoken to fellow nurses from other universities in Liverpool and whilst some have heard of it but never participated in it, some student nurses I have spoken to haven't ever heard of it. I think if you can get the chance to do it definitely go for it or even if your university doesn't currently offer simulation training days, approach your university and ask why and if they is any way of possibly starting to arrange something!

It is such a valuable experience that everyone should have the chance to safely practice in. Have you ever completed simulation training?

Danielle Levy

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