August Favourites

August has been a month of me mostly being on nights at placement, so my monthly favourites are pretty boring! They will liven up soon as I finish placement mid-way through September.

Beauty Favourite
Due to being on night shifts for the past month, my top beauty favourite has got to be my savior foundation by Max Factor. I bought the FaceFinity All Day Flawless foundation last month and have used it whenever I do my makeup, this stuff is amazing!! I have never had a foundation that lasts all day and looks like I've just applied it, I can do a 12 hour shift with an hour travelling each way with no problems foundation wise.

Fashion Favourite
I have genuinely missed wearing my comfy 'slob' type clothing, they are brilliant on the days when you want to get dressed but you are just doing things inside the house! They are so comfy whilst still looking somewhat presentable, it also looks much better than answering the door in pjs! I love getting sets like these, this one is from H&M and I love it!  

Food Favourite
With me trying to be healthier I have found myself replacing normal potatoes for sweet potatoes and I have found myself falling in love with them. My best tip is to bake them in the oven for 45 minutes and add a little bit of butter, then melt a small amount of cheese over the top and they are so delicious; I could literally eat them for every single meal!

Lifestyle Favourite
Due to being on night shifts for the whole of August, I've really gotten into using my planner and notebooks to allow me to stay organised as well as being strict with myself. I've also been using it as a kind of to-do list of the things I need to get done on my day off! They come in so handy to have to note any little thing down in. I have also been using the notebook to jot down my blog post ideas and maybe one day YouTube ideas!

For all you lovelies reading that didn't spend most of your August being nocturnal, what have you been loving during August?

Danielle Levy

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