Very Big Catwalk Event

This weekend I was lucky enough to be invited to the Very Big Catwalk event that was being hosted by Very in Liverpool in an attempt to beat the Guinness world record for the most models on the catwalk. Let me just say I have been super excited for this event in the lead up to it, as I'm sure anyone that follows my social media will have seen!

Before the event the world record was held by Mexico for 3,083 models on the catwalk, but you know Liverpool we managed to get everyone involved from local dance academies to roller birds to the royal navy and....we smashed it 3,651 models on the catwalk!!!!

Whilst I was live tweeting and blogging the event, I was also lucky enough to walk the catwalk and be involved in the Hairmazing Blonde section, it was such an amazing day to participate in. Tons of celebrities came down and showed their support to the people of Liverpool, the lovely Rochelle Humes, Lauren Pope, and Wayne Hemingway to name a few. Rochelle walked down with her army of models all wearing her collection for Very.

Before the catwalk started they had a mini pre-party where Liz McClarnon and the guys from Heart were on stage getting the crowd excited and giving them the chance to win prizes. Lauren Pope was also DJ-ing before it all started, I never knew that she was a DJ and she was really good! Not what I expected at all.  

As I was participating I got the chance to see the stage from all angles before too big a crowd had arrived. It was a whopping 35m which it didn't look half as big from an outside perspective and it felt even smaller when you got up there to walk. Each section of models walking the catwalk arrived at different times throughout the day which helped the stewards and the hair and makeup guys and girls. 

I was part of the hairmazing blonde section and we had to arrive at 2.30pm on Saturday at the Cunard building on the waterfront. When I arrived I was lucky that I ran into two of the girls I made friends with at rehearsals (it makes events like this much more fun if you kind of know someone ahead of time!). Inside the Cunard building is amazing, it's stunning to see the detail that was put into the design in the interior, I was tempting to take a million shots to show you all but I decided to treat you to pictures of the day (which I'm sure you prefer more!).

We were kindly shown to our designated waiting area where a couple of lovely ladies and someone from Very (who was super nice but I met that many people that day that I've completely spaced and forgot her name, but she was so chic and super friendly!), they were waiting with t-shirts that had been donated for us by Wild Thang Merchandising which we were able to cut up (with help) into a funky style that we liked. 

In rehearsals we were advised to come with hair and makeup done ready for the catwalk with some hairdressers there who could help make sure that we were catwalk ready. Once our t-shirts were cut we were allowed to relax for a little bit before a hairdresser came and made sure that our hair was ready to walk for hairmazing. We had about an hour-ish time to ourselves so me and a couple of the girls decided to go outside, get some fresh air and see what the crowd was like.

And of course we had to take a picture with our lovely Liverpool policeman that were there!

After we spent an hour soaking up some sun and getting our photograph taken by several people and some tourists while attempting to recruit more people into the catwalk, we went back inside to get our hair touched up and fixed our makeup before we had to be ready to be moved backstage. Once it was near our time we we all lined up at the side of the liver buildings ready to go on (what a sight that must have been with all the groups that there were). I have the up most respect for models now as lining up by that building seemed like it was the coldest 30 minutes ever, we seemed to get all the wind and just a tiny bit of sun!

Catwalk time!!!

The catwalk finished at about 9pm and we beat the record! We had a grand total of 3,651 models on the catwalk that night! After the grand finale there was an amazing Very Big Disco with local DJ's and even a disco ball effect on the liver building which was lit up bright pink in honour of Very.

In true Liverpool fashion the atmosphere at the after party was amazing and considering everyone had been out all day in the sun they were in great spirits and I'm sure partied well after I dragged me and my very tired feet home!

If any of you lovely people reading didn't get chance to see it or want to watch it all over again, you're in lucky the lovely Dan Rackham made a video of the day (which you may or may not spot me in) with interviews with various models on the day as well as Wayne Hemingway and the Mayor of Liverpool. You can check out the video below as well as his Youtube

I had such an amazing time at the event and loved every minute of it! Did any of you guys attend or watch online? 

Danielle Levy

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