June Favourites

Now I've never done monthly favourites on my blog but this month I quite fancied doing it, it might be all the influence from the twitter chats I've been participating in!

Beauty Favourite
This month I've found my normal primer just hasn't been cutting it, maybe it's been the humidity and the sun. Lately I've been reaching for my MAC Prep and Prime Fix+, up until about a week and a half ago I've always thought it was setting spray (yes bloggers that write about beauty sometimes make mistakes too!) when I found it is actually supposed to be used as a prepping step (you can also use it after if you've been a bit heavy handed with the powder brush). I'm officially loving it this month as my new primer underneath my foundation to make it last all day.

Fashion Favourite
I've been obsessed with my Modula London Pippa bag, for me it's been the perfect day to night bag. It's great for dressing up an outfit, plus it also makes me feel a bit more glamorous when I used it. Not going to lie, I've been eyeing up the other colours in it!

Food Favourite
This probably isn't the healthiest but to help me with having less sugar in my diet with my weight loss goal, I have found myself reaching for this drink rather than just tea (which I cannot drink without sugar) and other drinks. It's also really helped me whenever I have a craving for something sweet, and it prevents me reaching for something bad! What is this drink........?

Black coffee with a spoonful of options hot chocolate mixed in! I don't need sugar in this and 90% of the time I don't even have milk in it either, I have been having it whenever I get a sweet craving as the options hot chocolate is only 40 calories (for 3 spoonfuls in water) and it is rich and isn't like chocolate water!

Another food favourite that I've started to become obsessed with my flavour drops from My Protein. I only got these at the start of the month and have loved having them in my coffee and my options hot chocolate. I need to start trying it on porridge (I can never seem to eat porridge when it's warm, anyone else with me?!). If you guys fancy picking some up, use my referral code (MP29828735) when checking out, let's them know how much I love their products by suggesting it all to you lovely people!

Lifestyle Favourite
I think for this favourite I'm gonna change it up every month. This month I've really been getting into reading again (I am going to start doing book reviews, once I get through my books), whenever I get the chance to read I have been loving The Girl on the Train by Paula Hawkins. I'm nearly at the fourth chapter and in the little time I get to read I can't stop putting it down, I always get stuck into loop of one more paragraph or one more page which every good book should make you do!

What have been your favourites this month? Is there anything you're loving that you think I must try?

Danielle Levy

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