Thrifty Finds ~ Modula Bag

I've been inspired in fashion and fitness by a certain awesome Las Vegas woman Miss Shana Emily of Color Blind Blog! I have been watching her vlogs on youtube over the past couple of weeks, she is amazing and such an inspiration when I need to get my butt to the gym when I just don't feel like it. If you don't know she doesn't just do fitness, she is also a brilliant thrifter and has inspired me to start looking for some thrifty pieces which is where the inspiration for this series has come from!

Let me introduce you to my first thrifty find...The Modula Pippa bag. Now this bag was been made famous within the UK by Pippa Middleton, this baby is worth over £200 and I managed to pick up this bad boy for £60 (due to the fact there is a stain in the middle pocket, but it doesn't bother me!). I only happened to come across it on a couture shop's facebook page that is local to me.

I am truly in love with this bag, I have been searching for ages for the perfect black bag that I can use everyday and can dress it up for occasions or interviews. Best of all it fits everything I need in the endless amounts of pockets!

Have you got a thrifty find?

Danielle Levy

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